The Perfect Game: Final Fantasy VI

TGR staff writer Stew Shearer discusses Final Fantasy VI, why he thinks it stands out in its series, and more so what elements he thinks make it a perfect game.

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ihaten4glol3514d ago

No doubt it's a great game, but it's not perfect by any means.

stewie328873513d ago

How so? I mean, if we want to talk pure semantics, no, it isn't a sheer perfect game. But what do you think is wrong with it?

Snatcher3513d ago

There is no perfect game out there. But Final Fantasy VI is a awesome game, so I don't care.

GWAVE3513d ago

FF6 is so good....far better than FF7, which seems to be the one that people worship.

Mr.Mister3513d ago

I agree with u far better story, kefka there is no word to describe that guy
ff6 is far supperior to ff7

n4f3513d ago

i play ff7 and this game is so overrated. sephiroth is a sissy emo(want to destroy the earth because the killed is mom) whereas kefka change the face of the earth FOR EVER there nothing you can do about it . killing him wont do nothing and wont change it back to normal.

INehalemEXI3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

In the matters of SE. I'm a fan of Yoshinori Kitase directed games utmost. FF VI, FF VII, FF VIII , Chrono Trigger. FF VI was his directorial debut.

All these games are awesome. FF VII though was the first drastic graphical and technical leap and what they did with the summons and limit breaks, materia etc. Was all great. FF VIII brought the polygonal count up and realistic proportioned hero's not just in battle but in world map etc too. It was great too.

Point I guess is Kitase directed SE games are the greatest IMO. It's also not that strange that everyone likes FFVII so much , since not only did he direct but was also the story writer. He has not directed since FFVIII :( he been producing since then.

(sephiroth is sissy emo looking , yet... so is lucifer and he tainted earth with sin, seph kinda similar with the taint and was ressurected in Advent Children) So sissy dude comes back from the dead... Still Kefka is a bad4S$

Baka-akaB3513d ago

Maybe not perfect , but it's the best FF ever (with FFT ps1 imo)

iamtehpwn3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

My favorite 2d Final Fantasy was definitely FF4.
My Favorite 3d Final fantasy was X.

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SirLarr3513d ago

This has always been my favorite Final Fantasy - the characterization was better done than in many modern games. It could use a re-translation though.

stewie328873513d ago

The GBA port actually got a retranslation. For all intents and purposes it's pretty good, although I know some fans took issue with some of the unnecessary name changes that took place.

ie: Madonna is now Madelaine or some weird bs.

Foxgod3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

I thought that FF6 was a perfect game, but then i played Chrono trigger, then i believed that was the perfect game.
But then i played Final Fantasy 7, and i believed that was the perfect game, and i couldnt imagine that an even better game could be made.
But then i played Suikoden 2, and i believed that was the perfect game, i was once again amazed...

But then i played Xenogears..... True RPG perfection, nothing since then has surpassed it.

JD_Shadow3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

...and everything that was said about it by this guy was true...EXCEPT THIS:

"When Final Fantasy XIII went multiplatform, Sony fanboys declared Square Enix traitors and backstabbers. I can’t count the number of internet posts I read stating things along the lines of, “Final Fantasy is a PlayStation series, I can’t believe Square would do this.” The irony of this statement has always been that while all the recent main series games have roosted on Sony consoles, the series was exclusive to Nintendo consoles before that."

Not exactly true. People were upset about this because:

1. Microsoft has a knack for making the other side have to wait until they get their version
2. SE's continued neglect of the PS3 so far in favor of the 360 enhanced the issues regarding the FF13 MP move.
3. The move from Nintendo to Sony was for a much more viable reason. Nintendo opted to continue to go cartridge based for the N64, while Sony went with the disc. Basically, Square needed and opted for a more viable storage capability, and Sega was going downhill anyway. That meant they were going with Sony. Now, there is only one reason that we can see why they continue to go with MS: Pure money.

I don't get how people just ignore the real issue regarding the outrage over SE regarding that point.

@SpoonyRedMage: We are aware of the Tekken 6 debacle, too, which may poke a hole in your theory about the delay stuff. Namco delayed that...HOW many times? And we suddenly hear that its coming to the 360 at TGS 08. So...why was it delayed when the arcade version was based on PS3 hardware? And though it died quickly, there WAS a rumor that said that the 360 version would come out first. If THAT was to be true, then PS3 fanboys would've had EVERY right to riot, and I would've been joining them because that would've been just highway robbery.

SECOND EDIT: You're right about the Nintendo stuff (and I do have all three of the FF ports they game the GBA and love them, BTW). However, I think the anger is more that they have yet to release a game on the PS3 and giving the run-around to the press in interviews as to the reasons why while they give MS (who, by the way, is "a noun, a verb, and Sony" in all their PR BS since they seem to want to absolutely murder Sony) just about everything they can give them.

THIRD: I do have a 360, as well, and if I really wanted to, I would go and get SO4 or any of the other SE stuff that's on the 360.

However, I have been one of those people that has tried to curb that talk of "keep it off the PS3" because if they say that about a mediocre game, what will the devs think they will say about a game like FF13? And plus, because you don't like a game doesn't necessarily mean me or anyone else won't on the system. That I do agree needs to not be said because it's a detriment.

SpoonyRedMage3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

I disagree because the complaints came after E3 last year which was before the release of IU and The Last Remnant and I sure as hell hadn't heard that MS make people wait, in fact I've only heard that about FFXIII and it's unfounded.

People were mad that it was no longer exclusive.

EDIT: Well I hadn't heard much about Tekken 6 at all, so you may be right about that but I disagree with the idea that they're switching to MS because the people they've gave the most support to this gen is Nintendo, including giving them their second biggest franchise(DQ) as exclusive.

I still think the anger was about it being no longer exclusive as a ot of people have said it belongs on Sony consoles and dumb stuff like that.

2nd EDIT: Well that's a bit weird in my opinion because the 360 did come out earlier which means they got to use to it a year earlier and also that the PS3 was very unorthodox but now in the third year of the PS3's lifespan you guys will be getting FFXIII which I think easily eclipses Project Sylpheed and The Last Remnant(TLR came in the third year of the 360's lifespan). So I don't really think they've given more support to either one it's just that the support for the PS3 is coming later, as did the PS3.

I think the awkward silence about TLR is because a lot of PS3 owners said they don't want it("Keep that trash on the 360") and then still expect to get it and complain when they don't.

MattG3513d ago

I'm about two hours in and while it's good, hopefully it really picks up when Terra starts to remember stuff and Kefka goes crazy.

Relin3513d ago

If you can handle the Japanisms, you'll enjoy yourself :)

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