Eurogamer: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Hands on Preview

Eurogamer: "Surprises don't come often in this job. Whether it's down to leaks, or rumours, or press cynicism, or PR plans that slow the flow of information from a trickle to a drip - or just the fact that so many games developers so reliably do what exactly you'd expect them to - it's rare to see a games journalist raise an eyebrow, never mind gasp in shock. So it was with great satisfaction that Naughty Dog stunned a room full of us, from all around the world, with its Uncharted 2 presentation in baking-hot Los Angeles last week."

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jdawg2223514d ago

i loved the 1st one, and i'm sure i will love this one as well. i for one am excited about the multi-player both VS and co-op. ND will deliver on all fronts, and i bet the single player will be just as long or longer than the 1st.

morganfell3514d ago

"The result, in competitive multiplayer, is an extremely athletic, free-roaming and opportunistic variant of the third-person cover shooter. The strict frontlines, back-alleys and choke points of standard map design don't really apply. You don't need to learn where all the sniping points are when you can shoot from halfway up a wall. You don't need to seek the long way round to sneak up on a rooftop menace when you can clamber up and pull him off the ledge. You don't need to jump around like a hyperactive child on a trampoline when you can dodge fire with elegant, motion-captured dives."

morganfell3514d ago

Unrestricted combat. This goes way beyond anything available today. Anyone that knows Uncharted realizes the fluid movement in that game is like nothing else around.

News4fanboys3514d ago

please ND add LAN PLAY .. im begging you.
i do like split screen alot but if they added lan plan then thats even better imo.

morganfell3514d ago

I know what you mean as I have 2 PS3s in the house but I normally just log them onto PSN with no issues.

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