IGN: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Hands-on

Greg Miller writes:

"I'm a pretty big fan of the Uncharted franchise. I've got my Platinum Trophy for the first game, and I'm eagerly awaiting Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Still, when I've gone to events for the sequel, my biggest concern has been where Elena and Sully are and why they haven't been announced for this game. Sure, with titles such as Resident Evil 5 as ammunition, I've asked about the possibility of multiplayer, but I had always assumed that if multiplayer came to Nathan Drake's world, it would be your standard, side-by-side co-op affair."

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PSP24473d ago

it sounds like so much fun :D

Chubear4473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

Please, tell me Greg frikgen Miller isn't going to have anything to do with the reviewing of this game, please.

Edit: I guess he's a huge uncharted fan so this one's safe for now. Just give this guy only games he likes and knows cause he spasms out with anything else it seems.

sonarus4473d ago

Cinema mode for multiplayer so you can save videos on your HDD and hopefully there is an option for direct youtube uploading.

Naughty dog just shot my excitement for this game thru the roof.

Lifendz4473d ago

so I feel very confident in his preview of the game. I slept on the game but I did eventually pick it up for full price and have to say that I was very impressed. I hope the multiplayer doesn't take away from the great single player experience any. While the whole world seems to think Sony lost it this gen I have to say I haven't enjoyed so many diverse games on one platform in a long long LONG time.

heroicjanitor4473d ago

It will be the best game ever if it has the graphics/personality of the first game plus all of these extras, this video saving sounds great.

Why o why4473d ago

Is that some sites who suck on their own d!cks will probably deduct points or make a huge point about the 'lack of local co op' You heard it here first

CaseyRyback_CPO4473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

I think the new buzz thing to hate on will be the lack of CO-OP.

Oh wait..

[email protected] socom below..

I have to say it.. Socom is pretty good now. I've been in since the beta, played the retail. Quickly deleted it and sent a few angry emails to Slant6 for ruining the franchise, forgot about it. Recently reinstalled as of a few days ago.. fixes:

- freeze while gaming glitch is gone
- performance is amazingly better both in game and out(menus still have a tiny lag, but 60% improved over retail no patch)
- No sound still happens, not as frequent
- game stability is great. If you can play Gears2 online, you can definitely do Socom.

I can hardly remember what i was upset about..But the game is definitely at a normal level now.

Microsoft Xbox 3604473d ago

Adding the multiplayer mode is the best thing to happen to Uncharted. That video was awesome! Socom will be dead once this is out.

Shane Kim4473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

HAHAHA nice one why o why. Bubbles :D

stevenhiggster4473d ago

Too right, this was already my most wanted game this year and after seeing that video I can't wait, I CAN'T wait till Nov for this, I want it NOW!

morganfell4473d ago

Casey, they will invent a new category of hate for Uncharted 2. What? No 10 player splitscreen that allows 5 of the players to play a different game while at least two of the others are in Single player?

Seriously I will call this now. They will attack Uncharted 2 because the Co-op isn't the SP campaign. Just watch.

And yes, SOCOM is tight now. I didn't have a lot of issues when it first came out and it is a top notch must have MP game now.

CaseyRyback_CPO4473d ago

1. No Co-Op?!?!?!
2. FPS is such a BORING genre now, no one wants to play it!!!(until halo osd and bioshock comes out again of course)

Uncharted seems to have all bases covered, the ONLY issue anyone had with it was re playability. The graphics were amazing, the performance was amazing. The length and re playability was the weak end, now with full fledged MP... I really want to see what xboxkings is going to come up with.

i'm thinking it will be the same old argument:

1. More of the same with comments like "Well we've played this game before, although we enjoyed playing the same game over with Gears2, something just isn't right with the PS3's controller"

Jaces4473d ago

I was at first hesitant and plain ignorant to the multiplayer, but after seeing these screens and getting a bit more info I don't think it'll cripple the SP as much as a thought, again I say: Please no crazy multiplayer trophies ND, for the love of the trophy whores!

Hell, I even liked how the co-op was a whole separate campaign of it's own kind of like Resistance. Nice.

DragonWarrior_44473d ago

Im pretty sure that the single player is where this game shines, as it should. I have too many multiplayer games taking my time as it is. Thing is though, this mulitplayer looks fantastic. I cant believe how much detail and dynamic gameplay it has. I cant wait to play it next month cause I already preordered inFamous.

morganfell4473d ago

No matter what they will find a reason.

Check out the Eurogamer preview - it's singing the praises and a damn good look:

meepmoopmeep4473d ago

cn't frikkin wait for this game, it was my most anticipated game this year
and it just shot through the roof with the co-op announcement

GameGambits4473d ago

The other day I made Uncharted 2 my most anticipated game of this year hands down where as before it was in the top 5.

Now the game is my most anticipated game since Zelda Ocarina of Time. This game is so awesome I just cannot wait. :D

San anto4473d ago

Gears of WHAT?!?!?!
Uncharted blows gears clean out of the water and follows up by lancing the poor sod with a harpoon. End of.

ThanatosDMC4473d ago

Damn, i havent even gotten one platinum trophy yet.

Naucious4472d ago

this is starting to get better and better, Like many countless journalist that think that Sony is a dying breed, seems to me Sony is alive and kicking always has been. Just shows that some people are just in denial, this generation of gaming is by far the best for all consoles hands down.....

Uncharted 2 among thieves is a big improvement and it seems that its hitting all gripes that some may of had from the previous installment. You got the total package in this game hopefully it is well implemented, such as if their is ranks and classes, badges and etc to keep you playing for months to come...

All in all seeing the video and already knowing how good the first one is makes it a day one purchase for me.

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DragonWarrior_44473d ago

one question. They say that it plays like gears right? So is there blind fire?

iHEARTboobs4473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

There was blind fire in Uncharted so I would assume it'd be the same here.

[email protected] - "they are as different as black and white"
What's cool is that you can play Uncharted in Black and White......and sepia and at least one other option. I just finished it this weekend. I don't know why I waited so long to play it but I did and I really enjoyed it. I want to replay it soon to get some more rewards.

WhittO4473d ago

^^ lol dont think he meant that as like an insult or something.

Ye im sure you will be able to blind-fire, but will be harder and more inaccurate. I have actually gotten used to the blind fire in Uncharted and can kill just as well as aiming (almost)

Chubear4473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

I know the 360 community kinda always thinks their games are unique and never been done before cause the media hypes it like that but Uncharted had just as good a cover system and virtually identical to gears but no one talks about that do they.

Yes, the MP has blind fire too. Go watch the trailer for it. It's on the front page still I think. Here

MURKERR4473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

only similarities gears and uncharted 2 have are they include guns and are third person, apart from that they are as different as black and white,in uncharted your agile,can climb and have hand to hand combat and that was all shown in ONE trailer

gears your weighed down by armour so not to agile, cant climb walls,and cant have hand to hand combat in multiplayer

WhittO4473d ago

i agree, Gears has NOTHING on Uncharted, everyone will admit the MP is really bad (lag/glitches etc) but also that the SP campaign wasn't exactly anything to go crazy about.

Instead of Naughty dog doing just another Uncharted same as before (which would still be great!!!) they went even further and has created a MP mode with climbing, helping friends out, no lag (dedicated servers), punch combo's from the SP campaign and amazing graphics/art.

Not to mention a seperate co-op campaign so nothing takes away from the SP.

I also really like that they haven't split the team to work on MP and SP but have instead employed more people to work on the MP and kept everyone else making the SP, so both will be amazing and not rushed.

CANT WAIT !!!!!!

MURKERR4473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

this gen, lets hope infamous which has all of a sudden exploded in pre orders an amazing new ip aswell

WhittO4473d ago

ye lol i didnt know whether to buy Infamous or not and now looks like i am !

I bought LBP around christmas time and have to say, its a fun game and everything but i was a little disappointed with playing online, since this game is really made to be played with others its best to play online and i always get alot of lag and really bad slow-down with most games !
i know its not my connection because its fine with all other games, but LBP is P2P so im guessing its a bunch of people with dial-up playing lol.

Also the levels start to feel a little repetitive, like playing the same level but with things in different places with different stickers etc.

Still a great game and really different from anything else out there, just hope they patch the online part and make it a little smoother.

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Muggles4473d ago

As long as the single-player is not negatively affected by adding multiplayer (and it sounds like it might actually benefit), this game will be even better than the first with even longer replayability.

Giriath4473d ago

They have a lot of new staff at ND now so the single-player won't be negatively affected.

jBat174473d ago

like i said, the ps3 does not need queers of lag 3. we have uncharted with MP now. remember, xbots, uncharted 1 looked better than gays of lag 2. therefore, uncharted 2 will look better than gears of war 3. unlees, of course, gears of war 3 will be released on the next crapbox 720.. because M$ is discontinuing the 360 this year..

too bad, xbots won't be able to play gears of war 3.

poor xbots, their moms haven't saved enough money yet to buy them a new console...

celldomceen14473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

Thats how you get those xbots, hit em where it hurts /sarcasm. @below ok i guess.

Gue14473d ago

You wouldn't be commenting if that were true celldomceen1. You fail at trying sarcasm. ;)

PtRoLLFacE4473d ago

lol u stupid is true gears lags and and it glitches allmost all the time but shoting some in half is satisfactory and that waht makes people go back and play the damm game, but i will like to see what time of gametypes uncharted 2 is going to have

Traveler4473d ago

Gears is a good game guys. No need to put it down, just because Uncharted 2 is looking awesome.

Now, I do admit that I enjoyed the first Uncharted better than either Gears of War games and Uncharted 2 looks amazing, but still, Gears is a good franchise.

This new Uncharted 2 multiplayer info sounds amazing and I think it will be some of the most fun that can be had online.

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