Madden Draft Special

These are screenshots and rating of the rookies drafted in the 2009 NFL draft.

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dktxx24098d ago

Wow they actually got the new jaguars helmet correct. Thats actually attention to detail what do you know madden developers are finally growing up.

Nikkelz4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

that wack ass injury system,and get "realistic" is up with all those back spasms and bruises?
also update the the offensive/defensive tendencies to reflect the ever changing NFL...maybe on a play by play basis...something like live365 but restructured to fit the nfl's 19 week schedule.
better crowds...they look sooo last gen.
live updates-rookies who heat up or cool down according to ACTUAL ON THE FIELD PLAY.
and since they wanna give us "live news updates" in Madden,why not have reported real life on field/off field issues affect the team/positively or negatively (as far as team/player chemistry and individual ego's)..THESE IDEAS CAN BE IMPLEMENTED NOW.
I KNOW THAT E.A HAS SPIES TROLLING FOR COMMENTS AND IDEAS and there you do it and give me my money's worth.

peace and game on

dktxx24097d ago

wow dude calm down. we've only been asking for those things for about 5 years now. give them some time. you can only do so much with a team of about 100 people and the millions this game has made.

Nikkelz4097d ago

i know right...but seriously.....look at madden 06 for reference as to a proper injury system...all i want is realism.

peace and game on