GameFocus: Outrun Online Arcade Review

GameFocus writes: "I'm sure I'm not alone in having fond memories of sit down arcade racing games. You know, the ones with a gas pedal, an unused break pedal and 2-4 gearing options but really not a huge amount of control over the car. It was racing as I knew it in the simpler times of gaming. Way back, before I'd tried my hand at 'real racing' in games like Gran Turismo or 'crash racing' in Burnout. Before all that there were games like San Francisco Rush, California Speed and Outrun. And now, a little bit of that special kind of racing has come to Xbox Live Arcade in the form of Outrun Online Arcade."


+ Classic gameplay
+ Great soundtrack
+ Unique on Live Arcade and PSN
+ High difficulty curve makes for lots of addictive gameplay
+ Great value for your dollar


- Extra modes don't add much to the gameplay
- Multiplayer doesn't work as well as main game
- High level of difficulty

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