Google Launches 3D API For Browser, O3D

An internal team at Google has unveiled its initial results in creating an open source web API for the creation of high-quality 3D graphics in a web browser -- and it's looking promising even in this early stage.

Google's O3D is part of the Internet giant's efforts to "establish an open web standard for 3D graphics." A debut demo (viewable here) shows a lush, 3D tropical island complete with reflections and detailed textures.

One of the most attractive traits of O3D is the ability to instantly see the results of coding, hearkening back to the days of BASIC programming, said one of O3D's developers. Google's Gregg Tavares wrote in his blog that O3D allows users to type code live via Firefox's Firebug or the Javascript console in Safari, refresh the browser then see the results.

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vitz34093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

Am I the only one who sees this as a trojan horse for Google? Not in the virus sense, but in market share.

Microsoft cornered the OS market by appealing to gamers and hardware manufacturers with DirectX. Google could do the same with their new API if they decided one day to make it Chrome exclusive. I'm calling it now. Digital distribution on a wide scale lies within the browser market.

(book)Mark these words.