OLC: Six Days in Fallujah: The Timeline

Austin Walker of One Last Continue writes:

"When news broke that Konami would no longer be publishing Six Days In Fallujah, it made me curious about the path it took to get as far as it did. This is what I found. As a former Intellectual Property professional, I started my search for info at the United States Patent & Trademark Office site. While not as eloquent a tool as the one I used back in my Trademark Researcher days, the USPTO Trademark search functions make do for basic research like this. I also consulted MobyGames, Wikipedia, and the sites of all of the companies mentioned in the following.

Along with Konami and Atomic Games, Destineer Publishing was involved throughout the lifespan of Six Days in Fallujah. Destineer is the least known quantity in the timeline that follows, and a little background info is useful to have on hand. So, keeping all of that ear-perking info in mind. Let's start..."

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NobleRed3514d ago

I hope they will find a new publisher. We need more third person shooters and a good online multiplayergame because Confrontation sucks ass.

Monchichi0253514d ago

I was really looking forward to this game!

tigresa3514d ago

As I, I hope they get picked up by another publisher!