The Conduit Friend Codes friendlier than once thought

NintendoDpad reports:
"More and more good news keeps coming out for The Conduit, this time the good news has to do with the Friend Code system."

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avantgarde843461d ago

I like this, about as good as you can do with Nintendo's limitations.

qface643461d ago

its not the most amazing news but it still sounds pretty alright im actually looking forward to this game
can't wait till i get my wii back from repairs

ChickeyCantor3461d ago

Nintendo should have given their system some more thought.
Their Friencodes were mainly based on "child-protection".
But a game rated Teen should not be played by a kid to begin with T_T.

This is where the flaw comes in Nintendo >_>.

Sounds like Mario karts system, a bit though.

"• Ranking / XP system
• We already know there will be DLC but there will not be any system updates for this game either"

Ranking and XP system, Nice features, but didn't the DS have this website were you could see the best players and stuff for a game like...mario kart DS. Would be nice if we have something like that for the conduit.

What DLC? I didn't know this, where was this confirmed.

Microsoft Xbox 3603460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

Speaking of Mario Kart, OMG! I can't even play online without running into cheaters. Infinite stars and blue shells. BOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Conduit online will probably face the same. They need a cheat detector of some sort.

SpoonyRedMage3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

On Mario Kart DS(one of my fave online games) I've only ever encountered one cheater and we just all dropped out of the game.

@V: I knew you were talking about MK Wii but I just thought I'd mention it. He had infintie star power and blue shells, made the game unplayable.

EDIT: Funny video and yer what a d*ck.

Microsoft Xbox 3603460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

I'm talking about Mario Kart Wii.

Look at this vid:

I ran into someone like this but he never did that against me. He would always be 1st place instead. He'd bomb the living hell out of you if you ever decide to pass him.

EDIT: Yeah, the person that did that video was pretty cool about it. Me on the other hand would have been beyond pissed. haha

dib8rman3460d ago

Brawl worked this way too, I could join a friends game and request his friend FC in that game, the issue was communication; if I was online and a friend was doing a quick Brawl I had no way of letting him/her know I was online until they decided to check their Friend List again or go to the website we communicate through.

In that case it’s not the FC that the problem it’s that these online games aren’t on a PC or XBL.

Example being the PS3 which for SF4 you can at least bring up the XMB in game, the issue is finding the people you were playing with who aren’t friends, and sending them a message.
In the end a chat lobby is usually the best bet… but that died out with Diablo 2. Granted D2 is still going strong.

Shnazzyone3460d ago

Why haven't more games done this? It should be mandatory for you to be able to add freinds from your wii system friends. MP 3 had a similar system without true multiplayer connectivity. And now over a year later another game makes this logical decision. Nintendo needs to really set multiplayer standards to streamline the system. I hope there is news on improved multiplayer connectivity from e3 this year. Though that is hoping for alot.

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The story is too old to be commented.