10 Mega Man Games That You've Never Heard Of

We all know Mega Man, he's the Blue Bomber who rescues the world from Wily and his evil bots. He's done this over 120 times, so naturally you've missed a few. Remember the time he played soccer against Wily? I didn't think so. This article takes a look at the more obscure Mega Man titles.

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Hiruma Youchi4088d ago

I'm a big Rockman Freak and I've played most of these games.

Rockman and Forte(bass) I had the GBA version of the game years ago.

I had the Rockman Soccer Rom
and most of the other roms.

The guy who made the Article should have mentioned RockMan Power Battle fighting game for Arcade.

lwelyk4088d ago

I seriously considered that, but since it was in the Anniversary Collection and I was keeping this to 10 games I didn't use it. Oh, and the Rockman and Forte game in the article is an actual sequel to the GBA/SNES one for the Wonderswan.

colonel1794088d ago

but I had a blast with megaman soccer when i was like 10y old. I loved that game, it was very fun!

Ashriel4088d ago

I was about to say the same xD. I played the roms of rockman&forte for the snes and megaman soccer. I didn't know there was a sequel for rockman&forte on the wonderswan though. o.o

poopface14088d ago

but I havent been able to go back to old mega man tho after playing the mega man x games. Mega man x 1-3 are the best mega man games for me. I really wish capcom would make a new mega man x game where he doesnt make dumb noises when he shoots. A 2d game in hd on ps3/360 would be great. Id buy it the second it came out.

Marceles4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

lol I had Mega Man for ran on DOS too and was on a floppy. It also didn't have any music :( It was fun though...but then again I was playing it when I was like...7 years old