Playable Joker Influencing PS3 Preorders

Everyday Playstation: "Recently, Eidos Interactive, makers of the upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum, have announced that for the PS3 only, players will be able to play as the Joker. Well, it seems as though this announcement is motivating consumers to get the PS3 version. The Playstation 3 version is ranked #192 on, while the Xbox 360 version is listed at #632. Batman: Arkham Asylum is scheduled for release June 23rd, and is coming for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC."

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gamesR4fun3487d ago

jus ruining gaming for all of us imo

blame ms for starting it n sony for hoping on the bandwagon

expect jus bout every dev to have their hands out now fookin gamers over for easy cash

colonel1793487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

I totally agree with gamesR4fun. Gamers should be able to play everything that has to offer regardless of the console.

There are 2 things that are ruining gaming this generation:
1) Microsoft: This company is here to win IN SALES no matter what, but by doing that they have pulled some tricks that are hurting gamers. Like GTA 4 exclusive content, FF13 going multiplatform (now fans have to wait one more year or more to play it)... anyway, instead of them focusing on making quality games, to climb to the top, they are just trying to bring everyone down.

2) DLC: This generation DLC is getting ridiculous. They are charging for everything now. In the good old days, you had to do something special, like finishing the game on hard, or collecting all coins, or something, to unlock extra stuff for the games (more money, costumes, weapons, etc), but in this time, if you want something extra you have to pay for it.

I really hope these things go away for next generation (I know MS won't go away, but I hope by "winning" they change their strategies)

ps3gamerkyle3487d ago

Although that's not really relevant to this situation, I understand where you are coming from.

Unicron3487d ago

Just as I said about Lost & Damned and Fallout 3, I hate exclusive DLC, and this is no different. If you are going multiplatform with your title, snubbing up to 50% of your fanbase is just asinine, and I can't stand this trend.

Exclusive games are fine. Shortchanging FANS of a game series because of the console they chose to purchase (which, incidentally, was probably influenced by the availability of your title on multiple platforms) is just a d1ck move.

Game13a13y3487d ago

exclusive DLC is pretty ridiculous. i'm glad now that the 360 fanboys got a taste of it.

pwnsause3487d ago

yea, this is getting ridiculous.

Ghoul3486d ago

100% agree,
even worse are preorder exclusives bound to a certain store.

i mean it can really happen that you have to pre-order the game at store XY THEN choose a plattform because of exclusive dlc AND buying stuff (unlock) that is allready on the disc.

this is madness

ar3486d ago

Well it's their product. They're free to do what they want with it. If you don't like it, don't by the product.

dj555555553486d ago

and Im sick of multi plat games being limited to DVD-9 so that you get endless repeat textures, limited sprites on screen, cut content, poor sound, no HD.............

PirateThom3486d ago

Sony should really start offering incentives for devs to include extra content on the Blu-ray disc for multiplatform titles (the Stranglehold special edition comes to mind), just to make use of that space.

JOLLY13486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Are you upset when the game on blu-ray has a lower resolution (those lazy devs) than the lame dvd-9? Does that make you mad also? I highly doubt it. Oblivion with those 100+ hours on one dvd was terrible, I know. Nothing really looked the same, but I am sure that it sucked because it was on a dvd. You really need to find something better to whine about.

Bnet3433486d ago

360 got exclusive Fallout and GTA DLC, so it's only fair PS3 got exclusive DLC too except that this DLC isn't as good but it's free at least.

dj555555553486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Yes Jolly i am these systems are ment to be the new gen and one system is keeping things firmly in the last gen and games like Oblivion and fallout blu-ray has far more to offer in a sandbox environment, but you want to hang on to the past and keep thing moving no ware then thats up to you but i like to invest in the future.

JOLLY13486d ago

like GOTY GTA IV. The game that fit on dvd-9? Fallout and Oblivion worked perfectly on a dvd, what is the problem? Also, I would really try and learn how to spell if I were you. Your posts make you sound young or unintelligent.

king dong23486d ago

crap thread, crap story, crap everything!!

an exclusive character in a game gets a thread, and a chance for continuing the nerd war..


when ms did it noone cared. now that sony makes the same move, people call foul?

LOL.all of a sudden its looked down upon. had ms only done this, it would be ok though, im sure

MicroSony4Life3486d ago

don't give a dammm about this game and will rent it.

MovieScouse0073486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

You are so wrong that it's not even funny.

Fallout3, Oblivion and GTA IV were massively limited by being squeezed onto DVD9. In Oblivion all the rooms are identical, in Fallout there are limited character designs and the whole map looks like a grey/green blanket! In GTA IV when you abandon a car and climb into another, the car you abandoned disappears.When you are driving a car millions of that type appear around you, when you fly over the city you can see massive repeat textures, there are fewer weapons than San Andreas, there are fewer cars than San Andreas, there are fewer side missions than San Andreas and ALL of this is because of DVD9.With the freedom of Blu-Ray all these games could have had 1 massive mega texture.

The X-Box is limiting the development of games, it is strangling developers and designers. Micro$oft INSIST that multi-platform games work from the disc, because not every X-Box owner has a hard drive the games MUST play without one!

The games could have had more complex look and feel. A more complete game experience on Blu-Ray, but no, money talks and common sense gets pushed to one side!

dj555555553486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Well jolly all you need to do is look up about these things. The PS3 with blu-ray is able to change sandbox games example mega textures, permanent damage, changing climate, richer textures, people and vehicles wont disappear due to all PS3's come with a hard drive and can save information across the whole sandbox environment and with companies like rockstar expressing displeasure over cutting content from GTA 4 because of the 360 the next game in the series is likely to be using the PS3 as the lead platform as rockstar have stated themselves that staying on DVD-9 could damage the series.

sorry about the spelling i didn't know that it was a test

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colossi163487d ago

It's free isn't it? Or is it not?

Rmagnus3487d ago

but still think its stupid that they don't get joker as well. Gamers should not be punish for their choice of console. Will be skipping this one like i did with fallout 3.

ActionBastard3487d ago

I don't understand that. The game, the experience the devs wanted you to have, for the most part, is on the disc. This DLC, the Fallout 3 DLC, the GTA DLC are all just...optional.

KwietStorm3487d ago

Yea, it's all optional to people who own a 360. What about people who only have a PS3? They don't even have that option of buying the Fallout and GTA expansions at all.

ghostface3487d ago

And I also will be skipping this one like I did fallout 3.I will never support any developer that will cheat their fan base like sh** just for that little extra cash and the bank.

Myst3487d ago

So what exactly do the developers gain by pushing exclusives on one over the other? It seems like perhaps later down the line they will throw it out later as a DLC for the other console and just make it a "Timed-exclusive" personally I think it's not needed and slowly this generation of gaming is getting on my nerves with this kind of stuff. Which is probably why I barely get any DLC.