The Rules for 360 Achievements (Partially) Explained

X360A writes:
"There has been a rather large amount of controversy over the current state of our beloved achievement system. Just what is Microsoft doing these days? The only published "rules" that have been dictated were set in place over two years ago on the Gamerscore Blog, a publication which has since been shut down. I've been vocal over my concern, most recently in my news post announcing Fallout 3 upgrading to 1350 points. This was the third game to break the 1250 Maximum rule, again according to the now-defunct Gamerscore Blog's February 2007 rules posting. (NOTE: I was in the process of writing this article when Fable 2 also upgraded to 1350, which is why I did not complain in that one.)"

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The Matrix4085d ago

Can people stop using that picture? Seriously, someone copyright it already.


thats the only reason i opened this page.

Pillage054084d ago

gaming would be a lot better off if Achievements / Trophies were never introduced. People buy XBLA/PSN games and dlc just to get the gamerpoints/trophies, making it easy for developers to nickel and dime consumers with sub-par products. I know people who won't even buy/rent ps3 games that haven't implemented trophies. I understand why they are good, I like trying to collect trophies, they extend the life of a lot of games, but they don't really do anything. Do people actually brag about their trophy level/gamerscore? is it going to land you a hotter gf? higher paying job? I'll stop ranting now, but it just makes me miss the days when gaming was only about having fun.

mrlahey4084d ago

People not buying a game cause of no Achievements or Trophies or cause they seem hard to get, is just dumb. And i just cant understand why people would buy a game for points! why?

The PC game industry would be dead now if they had the same mindset as console owners do.

RadientFlux4084d ago

Achievement/Trophies never effect if I purchase a game or not. Though if I like the game enough. I will often spend some additional time and try to collect the Achievements, but it's never for bragging rights.