Enterbrain: Monster Hunter Series Sales Data

PspHyper: To celebrate the release of Monster Hunter G on Wii, Weekly Famitsu ran a small feature of the history of the series and shares the sales data of the series so far. Needless to say, the PSP games did a lot better. People keep saying that the PSP revival in Japan is largely due to the Monster Hunter Portable (MHP) series but it's also true if you think the other way around, something MHP producer Ryozo Tsujimoto also mentioned before.

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STK0263464d ago

I like MH, and while most would say that a console version (like the old PS2 ones or the upcoming MH3 for the Wii) would make for a better game, I for one prefer having it on the go. Sure, the controls can be take some time to learn on the PSP due to only having one stick, however, it's well worth it. Here's hoping MH makes it to the inevitable PSP2.

Godmars2903464d ago

MH works as a portable game, not console.

Its not going to be the hit Capcom. or Nintendo, hope its going to be on the Wii.

heroicjanitor3464d ago

When my brother was playing monster hunter 1 and 2 on the psp he played them right through from the house, while it was plugged in so I'd say those sorts of people will love the console version

Godmars2903464d ago

Japanese gamers physically get together to play a game playable separately from anywhere with wi-fi. Forget that the PSP sale numbers kill the PS2 ones. That the game itself is pretty much saved the PSP in Japan.

heroicjanitor3464d ago

Whereas my brother basically played it as a console game, I'm not talking about sales or whatever but it will still be very good.

Godmars2903464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

All of the MH PS2 titles combined just about equals the sales of the first on the PSP.

I'm suggesting that unless the Wii version has a four player split-screen option, can be played on four different TV screens, it will be lucky to do as well as any single PS2 game.

raztad3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Fully agree with you Godmars

MH is about social interaction, a psp/player together in a single room (mhp is adhoc only) hunting some monsters.

Remember, ps2 sales were decent at best (taking into account the massive installed base), Wii (any console) version wont be any different. IMO, DQ will do much better than MH3.

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Myst3464d ago

I just noticed they didn't count Monster Hunter Frontier for the PC. It's part of the series, but I wonder why it is not on here; I guess their isn't any data for it?

NNNW3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

until I tried Demon's souls.

Araceae3464d ago

Haha, I have to agree to a certain extent. Demon’s Souls is similar enough to MH that I could live without one on the PS3, but I would still like one since they are different.

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