CrudeBox Changes To PrudeBox, Gets Approved writes:

"Everyday applications are rejected by Apple's silly review process for various reasons, it's nothing new. We have heard countless stories of developers complaining how unfair the App Store approval system is and how Apple needs to change their ways, but this story has a bit of humor, so we think it is worth telling.

Three recent college graduates formed a small development company called Alkali Media and decided to try their hand at the App Store by creating a relatively harmless soundboard application titled CrudeBox, and to their amazement, the application was rejected by Apple. CrudeBox contained 16 high-quality sounds that consisted of the usual fart noises, burping sounds, laughing, coughing, and what have you. The application was rejected for being too offensive..."

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FuzzyChinchilla3489d ago

come on are a bunch of prudes!