OXM UK: The Worst DLC Of All Time

OXM UK writes: "Shivering Isles. Lost & The Damned. Rock Band 2. Left 4 Dead.

There has been plenty of awesome DLC on Marketplace that has helped extend the life of your favourite games thanks to new game modes, weapons, cars or whatever else. Good DLC will rally the Xbox Live community back to the old favourites and provide the perfect excuse to blow the dust off a long neglected game.

Even so, there's been plenty of tat too. Some publishers have seen it as a cheeky excuse to try and squeeze a few extra coins out of eager gamers while other DLC has just been... bad. Plain bad. So which ranks as the worst?

5. Vampire Rain Mission Pack
Description: Extra single player missions..."

Lucreto5151d ago

Didn't tales of Vesperia have dlc for 1 million gold and to increase your level by 5 of something like that?

I think that was the worst dlc with horse armour not far behind.

ChampIDC5151d ago (Edited 5151d ago )

Yup, you're right. They did have purchasable money and levels. Sad really.

Don't think that can count as DLC, though, as it's not really content. They did count the money on The Godfather, though, so I guess it'd be fair game in this site's list.

TheDude2dot05151d ago

Why does everyone rip on Horse Armor? I liked how it made my horse smexy and whatnot.

Dmack795151d ago

This article looks very familiar...

ShabzS5151d ago

am i the only one who liked that game?

ShabzS5151d ago

damn!!... guess i'm a succer for decapitating werewolves

DreamcastFanboy5151d ago

The Godfather had DLC were you paid money to get money in the game also they had a complete everything in skate 2 DLC.

Elven65151d ago

Looking purely in terms of what you get, the Stranglehold map pack was good, it had a lot in it as well, the pricepoint may have been a bit too much though.

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