100,000 likely for Monster Hunter 3 demo writes:
"The Final Fantasy XIII demo sold, and sold well. It sold to the tune of... well, I'm not exactly sure. The Advent Children Blu-ray sold 275,000 units according to Media Create, but it's unclear how many of those were of the FFXIII bundle, which costs an additional 1,000 yen.

The Monster Hunter 3 demo, bundled with Monster Hunter G, has a lot of work to do if it's going to reach that lofty height. But it appears to be off to a somewhat good start, according to the always reliable Sinobi blog.

According to the blog, Monster Hunter G sold a total of 92,000 copies in its first day of sales this past week. This figure was split 65,000 for the Starter Pack which bundles in that sweet blue Classic Controller, and 27,000 for the standalone version of the game."

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qface644094d ago

wait monster hunter g is already out in japan?

anyways i have a feeling the monster hunter demo will do more
wasn't the ff13 demo numbers for the first week or something?

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cayal4094d ago

What exactly is Monster Hunter? I've never heard of it. Has it ever been marketed outside of Japan?

Myst4094d ago

Monster Hunter is basically a game in which you go around slaying Monsters and carving from them various items such as their claws, skins, pelts and all that to make weapons and armor. It has no story line but really fun. Also it has a multiplayer in which up to 3 other hunters can join you on a quest to fight some of the monsters.

To answer the question of has it been advertised outside of Japan? Well I can only speak for my state in the United States (Don't know if the others are the same) but it has not been advertised as much as Street Fighter IV, Halo, or even Resident Evil 5. In fact it got most of it's attention by word of mouth. I never heard about it until a friend told me when I was in high school and that was a couple years ago. It's a really fun game and quite addictive. If you don't want to get it for Wii their is also a PSP version called Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and a newer version comes out in about a month called Monster Hunter Freedom United.

The video I am using is from the series of Monster Hunter Frontier which is basically the online MMO adaption of Monster Hunter which more than likely won't be released outside of japan. Just using it for reference since some of the other videos don't seem to be that good in quality and this one you get to see one of the higher-end "boss" battles at least for a different version though. Hope this helps :)

cayal4094d ago

Thanks for the reply +bubbles.

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bigjclassic4094d ago

and it is really impressive. for
live gaming. Last night was Muramasa, FFXIII and MH3.

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