Onlive Business Model Will Cripple Gamestop

The time has come for Gamestop to face the music with over 6,000 stores worldwide, and over 33,000 employees, Gamestop's selfish/greedy business model will soon come to an end.

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M337ING4098d ago

Yes. Let's all rejoice in the potential loss of thousands of jobs. :/

SL1M DADDY4096d ago (Edited 4096d ago )

And for that single reason, I will gladly drop my cash for OnLive, day one. Sorry for those who lose their jobs in the end but if they were less bias or not as ignorant as many of the Gamestop employees seem, perhaps this would not happen... They made their bed and as it would seem, OnLive might help them lie in it.

TiLL i DiE4097d ago

I disagree with the article, he said the big three (SCE, Nintendo, MS) this will never happen, ever... why would any of them support a different brands console like that?

M337ING4097d ago

Did you guys know that HHG gets 34% of its traffic from N4G?

We should all band together and stop their crap from polluting our site...

bardler4096d ago

When did News 4 Gamers turn into Blogs and Speculation 4 Gamers?

xlx-russ_924096d ago

when HHG started posting his stupid articles.

Hutch23554096d ago

Its not like gamestop holds a gun to peoples heads to by things there, I have only purchased one game there ever. I go to best buy, walmart, etc. to get my video game fix. Once I saw what they offered for trade ins I chose not to do business there anymore. To hope they go out of business is very sad for someone to want. If you don't like there business practices don't do business there, period.

tplarkin74096d ago

It is hypocrisy to point fingers at businesses. The whole point of business is to make money. The author is obviously greedy since he doesn't own a business that gives away free games and consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.