Gears of War 2 Fourth Title Update Confirmed

JoeGraf a developer at Epic games has confirmed that the Fourth Title Update is Coming.

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Lord Vader3467d ago

Games are still Laggy Epic = WTF ?


Freakwave0033467d ago

Let the hate flow through you, Vader.

PotNoodle3467d ago

I think it'll be like LittleBigPlanet. They didn't set the infrastructure up properly to help take the load off the host.

Its the same on gears of war 2 as it is on littlebigplanet, you could go all day without finding a laggy match - it all depends on the actual host - but other days, it could just be your luck to be matched into a host with a bad connection or is on the other side of the planet so you get laggy games.

Its strange, i can't explain it properly - this is just my guess off personal experience.

thor3467d ago

Deathrow - the main problem is that most people don't have fast enough connections. Especially here in the UK where the maximum upload for most people is 256KBPS (upload speed is crucial for hosting). Dedicated servers help immensely.

So they won't be able to "fix" the lag because it's caused by everybody's shoddy connection, and the game requires too much data to be transferred. For instance, if you have a LOT of physics objects in LBP, it NEEDS to send ALL of the information about those physics objects to all of the other players. But that might be 100s of things in some levels. Can't get around that, no matter what tricks you use. And the nature of such a complex physical system means that it's practically impossible to spread the load, meaning that you pretty much have to have a dedicated host. Gears 2 probably has a similar situation.

IrishRepublicanArmy3467d ago

updates show they still support it but too many just get frustrating.

potenquatro3467d ago

They let you choose wich room to play in like Gears1. You go to the "Available Servers" menu, you see the rooms, see your ping in each room, and you choose wich one you want to play in. Simple really. I have no idea why they stopped doing this. How many times has somebody quit a laagy room only to be matched in the same room later???? This is why I went back to RainbowSixVegas2 and gave up on COD4. Devs are starting to do that on PC games too. We need to renounce as gamers this type of dumbed down matchmaking. I actually retraded my Gears2 copy for Gears1 for this very reason.

IaMs123467d ago

The only Matchmaking i like is the Halo3 one. COD comes next but Halo beats them all. Of course there is lag, especially Big team battles man but the regular slayer ones are most of the time good to go. Of Course it has its days.

JokesOnYou3467d ago

The game isn't laggy anymore, well I can't say it never happens but its alot less than before, I played about 4 or 5 times last week and I experienced a little lag here in there that last a few seconds compared to several hrs of still takes 1-2 min to get unto matches though, really small problem compared to how enjoyable this game is.


Lord Vader3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )


C'mon dude, you CANNOT say that you dont experience lag in Gears 2 dude, it's FAR worse than the first game. And believe it or not, I love Gears & it is my MP game of choice - me & my friends played for about 7 hours just last night !

Yes, matchmaking & alot of things have improved & that makes me happy, but the Lag has not changed. And yes, the majority of rounds Ive played have been fairly lag free & alot of fun... but a LARGE percentage has been the worst lag I have ever experienced in a videogame = bar none. I do not find that to be a "small problem".

I do love Gears, I just expect more out of Epic than you do apparently.

GameGambits3467d ago

If it isn't done through Dedicated Servers then all it means is the developer DOES NOT CARE about the game or the people who play it. That's the end of it. You can but but but all around the topic, but it's just as big of a difference as having dial up then switching over to T3 high speed internet. Who wants to go back to dial up after they have had high speed?

Any MP games made in the future who do not have dedicated servers are just going to be filled with BS and will not require you to pay 60 dollars. Gears players are so in denile about how garbage the online is due to this laggy mess that it's not point in trying to talk to them in an intelligent manner. It's as if they can shut out all the mega crap that goes with this game just to have 1 good game out of 10 that they somewhat enjoyed.

EPIC, Unreal Engine, and Cliffy B = destined fail. I'd much rather and still do play Resistance, Resistance 2, Killzone 2, and even COD4(which has host), but at least all of those games are FUN online. I even dropped the 18 dollars for all the expansions for Metal Gear Online and play that 30+hours a week when I can, because the game isn't garbage online.

EPIC is rich, Microsoft is rich, Cliffy B is rich. Three sources right there that could help put up some dough for the dedicated servers. I'd be the first to pay an extra 2-5 dollars a month to EPIC to play on dedicated servers.

Developers don't realize us consumers wouldn't mind paying an extra fee for no lag. I have no problem, because the result is my fun with the game. That's money well spent.

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Rhezin3467d ago

wow that's embarassing; they must have released the beta before they released the actual game.

talltony3467d ago

now i can say "they still cant fix gears 2 even with all the patches."

Bnet3433467d ago

talltony you're an ugly kid, probably never got laid in your life with that ugly mug of yours. you look like a chihuahua with a stretched out face LMAO!!

talltony3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

You can really tell what I look like in that shrunken picture. Sorry but my 9.4/10 rating on says differently but what do I care coming from a dude that looks like ratchet. Sorry dude but I have turned down finer girls than you've ever had. fajot!

Bnet3433467d ago

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talltony3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

your the first person to ever call me ugly. So im rated by ugly people am I? You stupid as hell, Put your pic on and we'll see who has the higher rating. I can guarentee I look better than you in every single way. Maybe you'd think I was hot if I were a gay cat like you. by the way do you like fishsticks?

GiantEnemyCrab3467d ago

KZ2 is going on it's 3rd title update and it released in March. Please STFU.

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FantasyStar3467d ago

Well, for the record, I don't experience as bad of lag that others here claim. Sure there's "some" lag, but nothing more than the average I would find elsewhere.

ElementX3467d ago

What is a "title update"? I tried Googling but couldn't come up with anything. Isn't just a patch?

evrfighter3467d ago

ya microsoft used to call their mechwarrior 4 patches "Point Releases."

ShabzS3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

hmm.. not much lag here. didnt get the snowblind map pack .. but combustible and flashback are working fine... but please dont change the smoke grenades... it took my frndz an i a couple of days to get used to it but have perfected it for tactical shotgun in ur face kills...

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