EA Sports Home Complex Review

The Admin of E4G writes "Yesterday EA and Sony decided to release the most anticipated space for Home "The EA Sports Complex". Now there are quite a few features in this home space, you can go for some racing action and play some good old poker. Now this is when EA's Sport Complex was done right. When you go to a minigame that is open, it shows you how many players are in the game or how many are needed/waiting."

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PotNoodle4098d ago

... Home and XBL are two totally different things. Its like me saying

Apples > Cars

edgeofblade4098d ago

Some recent pictures of Xbox Live Primetime lead me to believe MS is making their own "virtual world".

And this space is a bust just like the others. Why, oh why, am I stuck waiting for a poker game to open up while the two players left d*ck around with the minimums just to piss off the people waiting. Why can't we get matched into games in a different instance? Why can't we just wait in line instead of spending 30 minutes bouncing from table to table?

FarEastOrient4098d ago

People are going to start reviewing Playstation Home spaces now? If they are going to start reviewing the mini-games that are embedded into home like Xi than these articles are going to be interesting.

YungXclusive2K94098d ago

That EA Space is a fail, the God Father 2 space has poker, the Racing game is ok but what happened to the 3v3 half court avatar basketball and 5v5 touch football and boxing. This home space is a failure and i know im gonna get disagrees from the ps fanboys and im a playstation fan

WTF is up with the EA Golf Coming soon thats some bull $#it

callahan094098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )


It's free. They already said the space will be expanded upon over time. Would you rather they hadn't released anything yet and shelved it all until everything you wanted was done and ready to go? In the mean time you'd have nothing. The way they're doing it, you get something now. And more later. And again... it's free, so it's not like you bought some retail product that was incomplete and then had to wait AND pay extra for the DLC to finish the product. It's free and they're releasing each part of it as its ready. This is a GOOD thing, stop trying to make it out like it isn't.

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Spike474098d ago

I can't help but feel this strange feeling that Home is still pretty boring.

I'm gonna log in and do everything in the EA sports complex and within 2 days I'll get bored of it.
The damn glitching idiots will arrive, along with the girl avatars that are actually men.

Sometimes I wonder if half the people on Home even play PS3 games.

FragMnTagM4098d ago

Those are the exact same things that annoy me about Home also.

cliffbo4098d ago

i hope half of the people on HOME don't play games. that means that Sony are getting it right. you do understand what HOME is really all about right?

edgeofblade4098d ago

You mean Home isn't about playing games?

You mean the purpose of Home is to run around, being bombarded by advertising and playing a handful of poorly conceived not-games after waiting in a not-line?

You're kidding, right?

Ryo-Hazuki4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

HOME is a huge social play mini-games and what not. Who gives a damn if you're getting hit w/'re not paying a dime to even worry about it...the sh** is free

ActionBastard4098d ago

Yeah, Home isn't about playing games. Its purpose is to connect OTHER PS3 owners/gamers with each other...for free. Now, in no way is that as good as paying for the Internet see ads...but it IS fun and executed nicely. Xi is phat, the game spaces alone make Home worth it and receiving announcements BEFORE the media (Play as The Joker says "Oi!") is something I'm willing to suffer through.

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ape0074098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

home will be huge and it will be the next big thing in online

more contents,outfits,functions etc...

it's great

give us trophy room please sony

I appreciate your work EA

I need HELP:I can't get into home,it says "there's a problem downloading content"


it happen in each home update but this still going on

edgeofblade4098d ago

Raving review of a disappointing feature.

...I guess that will teach me to turn off your ignore flag.

ape0074098d ago

the hate is killin you

iHEARTboobs4097d ago

If someone doesn't like something, why do they try so hard to convince people it sucks? If you don't like it, that's fine, but move on.

Blackcanary4098d ago

gonna check this out today.

Panthers4098d ago

Home is starting to look very interesting. A great place to talk to others about gaming. That is the best thing about it I see so far.

When I get a bigger HDD I will download Home again (i am still on the 20GB and its killing me)

ActionBastard4098d ago

80GB for $45 or 120GB for $50

Upgrade! (Also, GO STEELERS!)

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