GameZone: World of Mixed Martial Arts 2 Review

GameZone writes: "Lastly, in terms of what needs to be improved if there's to be a WMMA 3, the biggest issue that came up with WMMA 2 was that rivalries and friendships have little to no effect in the game. It's a rarity to see rivalries and friendships build up over two year's worth of time in the game. This should feature should play a vital role for players who want book exciting cards as rivalries make for great marketing tools (even though players don't handle that part of the business) to help sell your shows. But instead, even after watching fighters fight two to three times in a career, and having different results via submission, knockouts and draws, fighters in the game rarely ever build a rivalry with each other".

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Th3 Chr0nic4098d ago

A text based Simulation fighting game......... ummmm ummmm ummmm i really dont know what to say.