PlayStation Gamer UK Everybody's Golf World Tour Review

Everybody's Golf: World Tour is a solid addition to the franchise which both the hardcore and casual gamers will enjoy. Hit the Jump to hear the first of what we be many Audio reviews on PlayStation Gamer UK.

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crck4124d ago

I love this game. Its a shame Sony refuses to patch it for rumble and trophies.

slave2Dcontroller4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

Its an AMAZING and fun game. Trophies would be a sweet addition and seeing how much DLC for it on PS Store I really dont see why they wont.

Rumble would be cool but I'd be happy with just the trophies. At any rate this by far my favorite Golf franchise since ps one, Hell its the only golf that I buy.

Vagrant_14123d ago

I've been waiting for sony to put trophies for while now. Seeing how the added the much needed voice chat. I also want a par 3 course to play online and single player