Top 6 Most Relaxing Games

Go Online writes:

'We've all been the to dusty, blood-ridden planes of Helghan. We've all enjoyed a frantic bumper fest, checking the rear-view mirror as a loved one ploughs into a wall in a fiery ball of fire.

Hey, we've all killed our fair share of people, wrecked our fair share of cars and basically saved/destroyed the Omniverse at one time or another. It's what games are there for, right?'

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FiftyFourPointTwo3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

Ninja Gaiden Sigma, what a relaxing game..............

FiftyFourPointTwo3972d ago

I kinda disagree with the article. In my opinion Flower is more relaxing than flOw. Also, that list is missing Professor Layton. :(

callahan093972d ago

Bonus Round! That was funny. And I think I finally understand why I didn't love Street Fighter IV like everyone else. I play games to relax, and SFIV certainly doesn't have that effect. hahaha. It's a great fighting game, but I guess it just isn't my sort of game.

AntoineDcoolette3971d ago

lol er I find San Andreas or Vice City much more relaxing than GTA4 because of the color schemes and they have much better sound tracks. Rather than going on a psychotic rampage you can drive like a well behaved citizen, listen to the radio, and enjoy the scenery. In contrast GTA4 is like starring at mud while listen to nails screech on a chalkboard. I agree with being able to find Oblivion relaxing by lalligagging in the scenery, same reason for WoW. I don't know anything about Flow but I'd probably have to put flower ahead of it.