Hot Toys announces Resident Evil 5 figures writes "Hot Toys are known for doing absolutely sick levels of detail when it comes to toys -- check out their insane Joker figure, for instance -- but it seems to me they've really topped themselves when it comes to these Biohazard 5 figures (that's Resident Evil 5 to us, of course). Tomopop spied some pics of them last night floating around on Toys Daily, and this morning's press release just gave us further confirmation that these incredible figures are coming our way very soon."

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hitthegspot3556d ago

I'm getting one of these for my mom...

Brixxer6003556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Hot Toys do some amazing action figures , The Bank Robber Joker is superb.

moja3556d ago

I hope they do a Sheva bikini model.

SplatterU3556d ago

mmm that would be nice, would like to see a excella figurine

The_Devil_Hunter3546d ago

Hope they make sheva Naked...

3sq3556d ago

How come she doesn't look black to me? Thought she was an african. This's just too stupid.

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