TVGB: Review / Tokyo Beat Down (DS)

TVGB: If there's anything to be learned from Tokyo Beat Down, Success' videogame love letter to the coin-gobbling, side-scrolling brawlers that once monopolized our youth, it's that "fists can solve any problem." Sure, games have evolved since the time of stand-alone arcades, but there's still no greater pleasure than kicking and punching your way to a better and brighter tomorrow, the way only a badass cop who doesn't play by the rules can. Such are the cops of Tokyo Beat Down, whose stealth-free tactics consist of walking up to a suspect and swiftly delivering a justice-packed blow to their genitals.

Success has set out to make a true arcade-style brawler that fits in the palm of your hand, transporting players back to a time when cops were reckless, thugs were generic and barrels were filled with health-boosting sandwiches. But beyond nostalgia, is this really a game worth playing, or does it suffer from the same flaws that relegated the genre to memory?

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