Guild Wars, Franchise Surpasses 6 Million Units Sold

Ve3tro writes: "NCsoft today announced that on the cusp of its fourth anniversary, the Guild Wars franchise has exceeded six million units sold. Guild Wars is the award-winning and genre-defining series that is one of the most popular and successful online role-playing games in the industry.

To commemorate these milestones, ArenaNet has just released a major content update, including new quest content and extra storage options. Additional in-game birthday festivities will be available starting on April 28th, the official anniversary of the game."

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WhittO3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

wwwoooo !! Guild Wars is such a good game! Its like under £30 to buy and you get SO much play time out of it its ridiculous! No extra online charges or anything.

The Birthday of Guild Wars is also 2 days before my birthday! lol

Cant wait for Guild Wars 2! If they do it right and keep the no-online charge im sure WOW players would be interested in it if its good enough. (which im sure it will be)

leila013490d ago

Guild Wars is my number one game, just after FFVII. I have all the campaigns and still play them till this day.

Too bad we won't be seing the next Guild Wars till 2011.

WhittO3490d ago

i still havent completed Nightfall ! i just got bored of that storyline.

Is it worth finishing ? i think its because i dont really like the Dervish class im playing as.

archpsyker3490d ago

Nightfall is worth completing. In the end a lot of stuff starts to make sense about the Prophecies and Factions campaign. It also ties in with the Eye of the North expansion too.

I know how you feel about the dervish, I finished it with my dervish and now she has officially become a storage character.

ChampIDC3490d ago

I never get to play it anymore. My friends always start playing it, collapse, and go back to WoW. I'm the only person that wants to play it, and it's really not that fun without some friends.

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3490d ago
Gun_Senshi3490d ago

Character Areth Opath

GW has the BEST PvP for MMO!