Championship Mode Online is Broken

Street Fighter IV's Championship mode Tournament is open and up for download.

Dubbed the 'Power Pack', it adds the option to not only start fighting in the SF4 tournament (and the European one Console Monster mentioned recently) but to also record your matches.

Update: Currently however the pack seems to be having technical issues where you cannot create or join online matches. Console Monster are sure Capcom are on it even though no official word has been spoken.

You can download the pack right from the marketplace here and pop your SF4 CD in to grab the title update as well.

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Clance3464d ago

New technology just gets more broken the more advanced it becomes.

Like new phones break straight away... Old ones still f'ing work!!


atheistium3464d ago

So annoying too because I wanted to get a few matches in before I go away this weekend!

jessehaysfl3464d ago

so what about SFIVCE PS3?

McRad3464d ago

I've been playing Championship Mode on PS3 and the online works, but replays don't. I should try to see if replays work on Live. ..