Fallout 3: Broken Steel In-Depth Analysis

Bethesda recently released Fallout 3 screenshots detailing some of the new content found in the upcoming expansion, Broken Steel. Aside from raising the level cap and changing the main story's ending, along with eliminating any and all endings, there will also be some new weapons, enemies (Or allies?) and a new locale.

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Diselage3462d ago

Can't wait for this, I'll probably buy all 3 expansions at the same time.

MovieScouse0073462d ago

Micro$oft should be ashamed of themselves, gobbling up the exclusivity for their horrible wheezy little console, thus holding back game development, as it still uses DVD9 and breaks down 33% of the time!
It's sad to see this game with masses of repeat textures when on the PS3 it could have had a mega texture!
Let's see these expansions on a proper next generation console.


cause ps3 exclusives are so much bigger and groundbreaking.... fanboys are so stupid.

ktchong3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Bethesda would still be making the expansion pack on DVD, not Blu-ray.


Because Fallout is, first and foremost, a PC franchise. And most PCs use DVD, not Blu-ray.

Fallout is supposed to be played on the PC. Not Xbox 360. And certainly not the PS3.

Unless you're just a stupid fanboy who think the PC should be sacrificed/compromised just for the interest of the PS3.

Sony fanboys like to cry and whine about how Xbox 360 has been "stealing" games from the PS3 (as if somehow those games belong to Sony and the Playstation.) Following their logic, that means the PS3 must have been stealing games from the PC -- games from the Elder Scroll series and Call of Duty series, which originated on the PC. Even the Grand Theft Auto series began on the PC -- it was a DOS game before there was even a PlayStation.