EA Hints At Possible Multiplayer For Next Dead Space

Hell Descent Writes "EA has started an online survey for Dead Space with some interesting multiplayer based questions. We received the email in our inbox with the exciting "You've played the game…Now Tell Us What You Think" email. The survey asks what kind of modes do you enjoy, would co-op be a fun addition and if Zero-G deathmatch sounded like a fun multiplayer type. Luckily the survey made sure to ask more than just multiplayer based questions. The survey continues to ask about new function and how to improve the scariness. With these kind of surveys it good to know that EA is looking into a Dead Space sequel/prequel.
Feel free to take a stab at the survey. Who knows, maybe your participation will make the next Dead Space better in some way."

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ThanatosDMC5507d ago

I doubt it, the creators were really intoxicated about scaring the crap out of people. They test out the scare factor first, what makes people hesitant to keep going, and modify it to make it worst (better).

I'm fine with the idea of Co-op but i want to be able to explore the area this time around without being dragged by my teammate to be in the same room. I know, they probably wont do that... but i can only wish.

I would love to see my teammate get maul, broken, eaten, and ripped apart by those sick looking Necromorphs. I like Dead Space.

dragunrising5507d ago

I don't want co-op. It would take away the immersion.

I would love it if: they made a multiplayer mode in which you could play necromorph vs engineer/soldier character. In addition, make a multiplayer mode in which you fight other characters and random necromorphs spawn. Last but not least, make a survival mode.

Multiplayer could be a lot of fun :-)

ElementX5509d ago (Edited 5509d ago )

Please no multiplayer. Some games should stay single player.

BTW, why does "multiplayer" get underlined by spell check? I thought it was a common word.

BTW stories about surveys are garbage. The survey itself should be linked.

Also, this survey seems fake. There is no mention of EA at the start of the survey and it looks like something someone created at home.

Arsenic135508d ago

The survey is genuine. Finish it and it takes you to their website. It was received in an email from EA.
Stop reporting it.

HDgamer5508d ago

I finished the survey yesterday. Multiplayer wouldn't be bad if it's entirely different from the single player experience. Although they should just make the game really long so no one can complain about the game being short even on hard.

Megaton5508d ago (Edited 5508d ago )

Zero G deathmatch would be interesting, and co-op would be really sweet. No matter how they play it, I can't wait for the next one. Dead Space is the best horror game I've played in years. A real gem in a dying genre.

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