How about MegaMan 2.9 Capcom?

ConceptualGamer discusses his appreciation for Capcom's classic franchise MegaMan specifically number two. A concept for a unique re-working of the title is described which would allow new fans of the series to enjoy the past classic in all its glory.

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ExcelKnight3517d ago

Mega Man 2 isn't all that hard. Mega Man 9 was designed to be easier, too.

A lot of the additions in Mega Man 9 over Mega Man 2 are actually extremely old in the franchise. The shop has been in games as far back as Mega Man IV on GameBoy (circa 1993) and most of the other additions (Rush, mainly) were added as early as Mega Man 3 on the NES.

I seriously don't think the game needs an upgrade. Capcom has gone that route in the past with no commercial luck.