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SpoonyRedMage5086d ago

I think a bit more 3d involved is a good idea but not if it compromises the quality of the gameplay. I'd also like full animations for moves and Pokémon.

I think being able to command your Pokémon by voice would be nice but might be a little hard to implement.

A Customisable trainer would be nice as well.

raiden_935086d ago

Voice commands would be awesome, but they'd have to really nail it to get it right. Imagine trying to order the right Pokemon in or command an attack, it would take too long and be very hit and miss.

SpoonyRedMage5086d ago

I think the main problem would be the amount of memory it takes up to be honest you'd need files for every Pokémon and every move and so it could be more like the show:

"Pikachu Thunderbolt!!"

You'd look like a weirdo in public though.

dericb115086d ago (Edited 5086d ago )

This isn't a comment to bash Nintendo at all so don't take this the wrong way.

The reason voice commands, better 3D and more 3D won't happen is because they really aren't doing Next Generation games. I mean Pokemon has been the same for about 13 Years and people buy them. There is not reason to please the few people who want updates when the majority will not ask for them. For those to happen it would take millions of people to force them to do it.

ThanatosDMC5086d ago

Damn, how many pokemons are there now??? Back in the day, i only played Yellow... and it had 150 or 151 pokemons...

FamilyGuy5086d ago

Ib would literally buy a Wii for a GOOD Pokemon game, one that REALLY caters to us "hardcore" fans.

I'll settle for another PS Monster Rancher game though, i guess...

rockleex5085d ago


Think about it! An MMO Pokemon game would be killer! O_O

I don't see why they SHOULDN'T make it. It will bring in LOTS of profit. People will be hooked FOREVER like WoW.

Think about it. Trading. Player vs Player matches. Creating your own clans to rival Team Rocket, Team Magma, etc. Pokemon League. Fishing competitions. Safari Zone. I mean... there's SO much possibilities! >_<

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pangitkqb5086d ago

Would make this entire series a better experience.

Max Power5086d ago (Edited 5086d ago )

wanna pet them? Scratch their tummies? Groom them? because that would be making it Nintendog Fighting.

raiden_935086d ago

It hasn't stopped Nintendo before with the amount of blowing into the microphone games. If I remember correctly there's a part in Phantom Hourglass where the game the makes fun of you for making a fool of yourself when you have to use the mic in a puzzle.

SpoonyRedMage5086d ago (Edited 5086d ago )

Yes it's not that it's anywhere near impossible but with 493 Pokémon and a couple of hundred moves I think it'd be quite memory intensive.

EDIT: Plus the majority of things that use the microphone(Mario Kart, Chocobo Tales) don't distinguish between the sounds, they just recognise it.

@Steven below: You are an absolute genius, get on the phone to Nintendo now. I wonder if a mature Pokémon game would have a strong enough brand to sell quite a bit, the novelty of it may attract sales too.

TheColbertinator5086d ago (Edited 5086d ago )

More hookers and more AK-47s


lol gotcha

raiden_935086d ago

If that's the game, I opt for more bike jacking!

-x.Red.x-5086d ago

Damn yet i still buy it..

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