VGC: Age of Empires: Mythologies DS Review

VGC writes: "A few years ago, the standard bearing franchise in the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) genre, 'Age of Empires' made its first bold adventure outside of the PC redoubt with the launch of an adaptation of 'Age of Empires: The Age of Kings' for the DS. It was a risky decision, especially since the creators decided to boot the RTS modality that had characterized the franchise in favor of a turn-based approach. There was some initial outrage and a few seething responses for this change, but in general the game was fairly well received by both critics and gamers alike. This initial success emboldened the creators to follow up on the project by adapting a second Age of Empires title for Nintendo's handheld and 'Age of Mythologies' was their choice. It was an extremely smart pick, and we're very happy to say that this is one of those rare instances in which the sequel far outclasses a successful first launch."

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