PluggedIn Review: Age of Empires: Mythologies

PluggedIn writes: "When first hearing the title Age of Empires: Mythologies, it would be reasonable to expect that this video game is all about building majestic kingdoms or exploring, in-depth, the storylines of ancient myths. But in reality this is a sphinx of a different color. This top-rated game for the Nintendo DS is something closer to a stretched out chess game-reshaped to include ancient armies and a few mythological creatures.

Turn-based real-time strategy games like this one are becoming fewer and farther between on the PC and most next-gen consoles. But on Nintendo's DS the genre is doing quite well. The mini-screen format, easy two-button control and pass-around capability of a handheld seem to fit this kind of game like a hand in glove. (Or maybe a hand in gauntlet works better in this case.)"

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