Killzone info Surfaces in Deutschland

Killzone 2 info surfaces in a deutsch newspaper. Here is a Babelfish translation.


AMSTERDAM - longer a heavy tank do Not walks away fixed on a small, wooden hedge or is the impossibly with a rocket thrower a boring tree from the to clear away. The whole world can promises broken (PS3 on the new PlayStation 3), the game developer Guerrilla Games from Amsterdam. The PS3 lies from Friday in the Dutch stores.

"We go the whole world volleggen with troop that broken can and blown up can become", said technical manager Michiel van of the Lion of Guerrilla Games, known of the successful Killzone-spellenreeks for earlier versions of the PlayStation of the Japanese group Sony.

Van of the Lion works turn these days hard at the newest version of Killzone, this for the PS3. And that goes down him much more easily, for the limitations of the PlayStation 2 (PS2) sat him and its designers in it lately soundly in the way. "By the PS2 went the lake round a little technically possible was instead of to look or it nicely was in order to do. Now moves that balance."

The artists of Guerrilla Games that the levels of Killzone consider, can much freer to work go. Many of their ideas, that were to be translated previously impossibly in computer language, can now without already too much problems become processes in the PS3-versie of Killzone. "We can play with light and shadow effects. We begin the quality of films to equators."

The interactive PS3-wereld that Guerrilla Games promises, is especially at the processor of the system to thank. This heart of the device is according to Van of the Lion "much faster than what it these days also but for sale is" on other game computers. Moreover the blu-rayspeler of the PS3 offers depict much more raise capacity for beautiful HD-and good sound. Blu-ray is a new DVD-standard.

The Xbox 360 of Microsoft, the large competitor, does then also under for the new speeltje of Sony, declared the technical manager. "De spell for the PS3 can self now already measure with that for the Xbox 360." And the games become probably only better because game producers not yet all possibilities of the device have discovers.

That same is happened by the Xbox 360, that already longer than a year on the market is. The first games, as for instance Projects Gotham Racing 3, became reasonably good receive but not yet were seen as really 'next-gene'. Meanwhile get spell as a Gears or Tangle much more out the Xbox 360.

Despite the possibilities of the PS3, the designers of Guerrilla Games come towards even now yet against limitations. Van of the Lion: "As you already a few hundred lamps in a level have, can do you with it not yet a few hundred by. But the number of limitations was for this much larger. Program for the PS3 is normally more amusing, more creative and more artistic."

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tethered4761d ago

Wow, that is really hard to read.

kingboy4761d ago

same but from what i`v read looks like it`s just a small interview on how the development process is coming along on ps3

achira4761d ago

motorstorm is so awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait for killzone !!!!!!!!

Contra264761d ago

you display pic is very ffaggy...

techie4761d ago

Contra seriously back off. As regards killzone - all I can see is great lighting and everything is destructable.

Violater4761d ago

Tired of waiting!
Need some official info on this title.

nix4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )


gosh the translation is too confusing. q: anyone please?

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The story is too old to be commented.