NEW Global Agenda - Developer preview

A more in-depth look behind the scenes at Hi-Rez, creators of Global Agenda.

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MMOs - Global Agenda Review

Global Agenda review with screenshots, videos, and music.


Hi-Rez Studios Hiring a New Level Designer

Are you looking for a job in the industry? Hi-Rez Studios might make you an offer you can't refuse.

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SMITE NA Championship: The Business of Hi-Rez Studios

Lore Hound writes: "The business of a gaming website, hobby, professional, whatever, is fairly straightforward. First you get the hits, then you get the ads, then you get the money. For most gaming studios we’re left with a rather vague rendition of have an idea -> ??? -> $$$! During this weekend’s SMITE NA Championship we hoodwinked Todd Harris, the COO of Hi-Rez Studios, to address some burning questions that has led to the rise of SMITE as one of the first MOBAs featuring a championship with a purse over $1 million and counting."

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