Microsoft Hits Back at Sony's Telly Stunt

SPOnG spoke with a Microsoft PR rep in the UK earlier today, who cheekily informed us that it, unlike Sony, is 'all about the games'.

Commenting on the massive Bravia TV giveaway stunt at the UK's official PS3 launch last night, our Microsoft man told SPOnG:

"It's interesting that Sony has to give away TVs to shift their console. Our strategy is different and we've become the next-gen leaders by using great gaming and entertainment experiences to attract people to the growing Xbox 360 community, as well as more than 6 million people on Xbox Live – but hey, to each his own."


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techie5159d ago

SOny were actually a bit stupid by not telling people that they would give free tv's...if they did loads of people would be there. Instead they gave them to people who were already buying the really its setting up loyalists for the next Sony launch - for the ps4. lol they think way too far ahead.

HokieFan5159d ago

Agreed...why would you not advertise that better? I would think it would give you a much better turnout.

techie5159d ago

In fact why would you not advertise at all. If you hadn't walked through town in the last week you would've had no idea it was launching. I heard there were ads on Channel 4...but I watched and not one came up. Weird.

gta_cb5158d ago

while i was having a lay in today, my lil brother came to me and said that he saw the PS3 advertised in woolworths saying "only £425"

so the image im getting is that there advertising REALLY rarly and when they do there screwing it up just like with the PSP (dont get me wrong i love my PSP and am glad i got it, but the advertisements are SH*T for it.... if there are any at all.

If i was incharge of advertisements i would refer to the games and HOME etc

VirtualGamer5158d ago (Edited 5158d ago )

Its was not suppost to get people out to buy or try and get a free t.v. but to simply thank those loyal supporters who came out for the launch and nothing more? That by no means means it will happen next launch either. And then MS tries to spin it as we don't have to resort to giving away free t.v.s to move our system. That argument might have held water if Sony had actually advertised but they did not so its not valid.

If anyone is guilty of using stunts its MS with the beer offering to CVG and the boat going by the offical Sony launch store in Paris covered with Xbox 360 banners. If MS Xbox 360 is so great and is doing so well in Europe then do they really need to pull these kind of stunts?

HokieFan5158d ago

Maybe you're exactly might just be a thank you to loyal Sony fans. If so, kudos to them. At the same time there is nothing wrong with promotions like this, why not advertise it? We all know that they are in business to make money, not to just be nice to customers.

I personally don't trust any company, especially Sony and Microsoft. They have both been guilty of some childish comments and promotions over the last few years.

Says you5158d ago (Edited 5158d ago )

Strategy leaders when there just full of themselves there XBox 360
has nothing new to offer while the PS3 has way more to offer than the XBox 360. oh please HokieFan what a full load of lie's XBox Live is just as boring as ever and you call that it has plenty to offer I dont think so alot of those features like buying gamer points to watch a tv show is ridiculos and same thing with movies you have to give gamer points and even with games how ridiculous is that Microsoft is just one big giant rip off company that is tricking you guys that you have it good when considering buying a paper that has gamer points to just watch tv shows and movies and feature packs for games is a rip off.

HokieFan5158d ago

Come on now...the 360 has plenty to offer...just like the PS3. No need for comments like this. If you want to, pick on the Microsoft guy that said this stuff, or make fun of their boat party...but using any opportunity to bash the other system is just blind fanboyism.

HokieFan5158d ago (Edited 5158d ago )

Wow, you need to calm down. It's's just a video game system. The 360 didn't kill your pet or anything. This type of angry, one sided, illogical, ranting response is the reason you only have one bubble. (No, I didn't report you)

Also, periods are your friends. Use them to group words into sentences. Take Tylenol for any headaches...Mydol for any cramps.

grifter0245158d ago

Way more to offer then the 360 says you...??? Thats why everything your getting on your ps network we already have on live??? Ya I guess it really isnt new when weve had it since last year huh... Guess it is cool to be getting these type of things now instead of already having it on the console in the first place.DB you says giving tv's for the new ps4 or whatever their going to call it... Hey sounds good but if Sony is going to keep their 10 year life cycle .. Then saying their giving the tv's for the new gen consoles.. Is asinine In 10 years time their will be better tv's then the ones currently out .. Ill be getting the backlit LCd's .. Creamy visuals waiting to be watched... Hey Sony has to find something to push the ps3's if its by giving away tv's then whatever... It's not the first time something was given away when something was doing under par.

techie5158d ago

Lots of angry people. Angry angry people.

And grifter024, i wonder if you read the above comments - the didn't advertise the dtv giveaway, they only gave them to people who were already there buying a it does not in anyway impact on sales.

grifter0245158d ago

No I didnt read the comments .. Until I came back to check what was going on..I dont know it's weird I would submit a Comment and then later when I check back it's pushed down really far and new comments are above mine so no I did not read the comments... Weird I thought this happened to everyone.

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