Next-Gen NASCAR Confirmed

NASCAR 08 is the first title in the NASCAR franchise to be made available on the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360. The game will be on store shelves this summer and is rated "E" (for everyone)...

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USMChardcharger4812d ago

Papyrus Racing Games / Sierra Entertainment

NASCAR Racing 2003 Season is still by far the most played NASCAR SIM to date. it what the NASCAR drivers, like Dale Jr, play in the online leagues.

it is so real and sought after that to this have to pay well over hundred dollars for a 4 yr old game. check ebay and you will see.

that being said, i hope EA goes after that kind of realism. like controlling the car going into and out of pit road.

papyrus even goes as far as to weather or temp change from practise making you have to tweak on race day.

engines can blow, tires can go down, and other malfunctions that are associated with racing can happen.

ea has screwed us by taking licence and thous not allowing papyrus to make their great game...

i hope they finally get some motivation and try and make a complete game.

sovietsoldier4812d ago

i was wondering when they would put out a nascar game for the 360. hope it has great crashs like burnout.