Left 4 Dead' Survival Mode/DLC Preview (Video)

Survival mode takes all of the areas, 15 in all, from the original Left 4 Dead maps where you call the horde, like at the elevator in No Mercy and at the crane in Dead Air. There's also the brand new lighthouse themed, "The Last Stand" with the apt tagline "it doesn't end well", because, despite being the level loaded with pills, explosives, ammo and health…well, good luck lasting long enough to use any of them. There's no rescue in sight for Survival mode, just a never-ending flow of zombies and the crushing feeling of impending doom (or a tank beating you into the pavement).

Hobadoon5155d ago

Breaths a lot more life into this game. I'm excited for it.

qface645155d ago

a while back i heard with this update they are going to be using dedicated servers is that true?

also i remember hearing that there was gonna be a new weapon and zombie i was so excited but so far im at 50/50 gonna have to wait

JokesOnYou5155d ago

zombies coming from every direction, looks like some frantic fun and its FREE! Thats good for a game that seems to keep getting more popular.


wicked5155d ago


it has always used dedicated servers. Once you get a group together in the lobby it then says on top of the screen looking for a dedicated server before starting.

Pandemic5155d ago

Do you vs AI zombies?
Or.. Are there actual humans playing as hunter, smoker, tank etc?

micro_invader5155d ago


When you play online co-op story missions you face AI zombies, hunters, boomers etc.

When you play Vs, one team are the survivors and the other are the special zombies. 4 to each team.

Survival, I'm guessing you face AI zombies until you all die. At least, that's what it looked like in the video. Although, surviving against four other zombie players sounds fun. I wouldn't mind if they included that :D

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Bumpmapping5155d ago

Game is trash I dl this pile of sh!t for free played it for 5mins erased it automatically.

Drealmcc0y5155d ago

You're playing it WRONG.


I was dissapointed by the demo, but i still picked it up. I liked the game but it thought it was just OK. Nothing special. But once you find what makes this game tic.... WOWOWOW, its friggin incredible.

Playing on expert with 3 other people with mics and playing versus with guys with mics, is some of the best fun ive had this gen. No other game pushes you too work as a team as much as this one.

Unicron5155d ago

I can't wait to see what the mod community cooks up!

TheIneffableBob5154d ago

I want to be able to build Sentry Guns. :D

Slinger4205155d ago (Edited 5155d ago )

I want this so badly. It's my favorite game and I'm drooling for this DLC.

micro_invader5155d ago

Looks awesome. Been waiting for this.

For some reason though, I can't recognise which map that is, it's not a new one is it?

Edit: Oh, I see. It's a new light house.

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