Why I will never play Braid again


"The problem I have with Braid is actually almost entirely Microsoft's fault, so I apologize, Mr. Jonathan Blow, but I will likely never finish your game and fully experience your masterpiece."

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Twizlex5166d ago

I wonder how many people are going to suggest just buying the PC version...

Vault Boy5166d ago

Lol, f*ck that! I would never buy a game again if it didn't work. That's what suckers do.

Cookigaki5166d ago

Only game Cookigaki ever bought more than once was GoldenEye but that is because Cookigaki's dad accidentally stepped on it and broke it.

Tony P5166d ago

Braid? If you want to experience the content, there's a simple solution depending on how old school you are: just play through the whole game in one sitting. It's not even as long as the first Super Mario Bros. on Nintendo and you get infinite tries. I would call this "easy mode" back then.

Even so, we still deserve a solution at some point since not all XBLA games can be completed in such a short time.

theEnemy5166d ago

getting dizzy too while playing Braid(PC) ?

When Tim is walking the ground is like a dizzy dummy.

F'ing devs.

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L80BelfDK5166d ago

That's pretty interesting because it's not like Microsoft can just give him another copy. I wonder how they would even go about fixing it?

Milk is for Babies5166d ago

Yeah, that is pretty interesting because Microsoft has said before that they can't affect people's accounts and alter achievements or anything like that. I actually think they can, but I'm sure they won't ever admit it because how do you prove that you actually earned an achievement that ends up disappearing?

I know that kind of a different subject, but you know what I'm saying.

h0tz0rz5166d ago

Way to go off on a tangent there but I know what you mean. Microsoft can mess with accounts though because they've taken peoples points away and labeled them cheaters. If they can do that, I'm sure they can do a lot of other things.

Twizlex5166d ago

The only thing I can think of is maybe changing the DRM.

Zeus Lee5166d ago

It appears Cookigaki you should have waited for the PC version.

Cookigaki5166d ago

Cookigaki does not understand. Cookigaki does not own Braid at all and has no real interest in game after playing at a friend's house. Too expensive for such a short game too.

Milk is for Babies5166d ago

I think most people should have waited for the PC version, but then how many people would be aware of it now if nobody bought it and talked about how great it was?

Brock Danger5166d ago

This isn't a goddamned epidemic, it's one person's sob story over a crappy situation. Everyone I know has never had a problem with disappearing save files or memory.

Could you imagine how much crying and ranting there would have been if blogs were around when the original Nintendo was released?

"Robbie: is it worth it?"
"Oh noz, I had to blow in my disk again!"
" Zelda 2 save file lost, will never buy Nintendo again"

morriss5166d ago

Whoever wrote this article is a fool. Seriously. He/She needs to get a life.

skip2mylou5166d ago

why are they a fool? hes just trying to beat a game that he couldn't beat yet after his 360 was out getting refurbed or whatever and we he got it back and tryed to play braid he was stuck on world 2. so what makes u think he needs a life

news4noobs5166d ago

anyway, he should hide instead of shocking people with his looks. and he shouldn't eat a whale for breakfast every morning.

TheIneffableBob5166d ago

You don't like his opinion so you insult his appearance. Very mature.

Vault Boy5166d ago

I hope you're really a woman!

h0tz0rz5166d ago

That's me in the picture. No lies.

L80BelfDK5166d ago

You're hot. I'm going to start stalking you now. Please don't be alarmed.

h0tz0rz5166d ago

Stalking's fine, I've dealt with that a long time. Just don't get obsessed with me and try to kill me. That's all I ask.

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