What does Madden's retirement mean to EA?

The Madden NFL Football franchise is widely known to be the top selling sports series of all time, and recently celebrated its twentieth installment. But what does Madden's retirement mean to the acclaimed franchise from EA Sports? We've contacted EA for a comment, and we'll continue to bring updates to the story as it becomes available.

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Sci0n5576d ago

I pictured Madden Broadcasting forever! aww man! watching football won't be the same not being able to hearing Maddens voice. Cris Collinsworth is cool but come on man madden is like a god of football. I think EA will continue paying him to use his name but the broadcasting team will be Chris and other dude.

Phantom_T5576d ago

Madden sells better than Fifa?

Lucreto5576d ago (Edited 5576d ago )

Who is John Madden?

edit nevermind I looked up wikipedia

Sonny305576d ago

its probably gonna be EA Sports NFL 11,or something like that, just like their other stuff.


Supreme Court delivers Opinion in Madden Case

The United States Supreme Court has delivered their opinion in American Needle v. NFL, the antitrust case surrounding the Madden NFL series of games. The Seventh Circuit had previously ruled that the NFL, if it wishes to promote its brand (in this case, football), it must do so as a "joint venture" rather than in a competitive environment, allowing them to limit sales of NFL products to only a single outlet: something that could affect sales of Madden games. The Supreme Court, however, firmly rejected this idea, thus preserving the Madden series for sale at outlets other than NFL.com. The court highlighted the danger faced by the Seventh Circuit's ruling, had they not overturned it: "There would be nothing to prevent each of the teams from making its own market decisions relating to purchases of apparel and headwear, to the sale of such items, and to the granting of licenses to use its trademarks,” Justice Stevens said.

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Avault: Madden NFL Arcade Review

Avault writes: "It's Sunday. It's halftime and the Bears are down by 24. Cutler has already thrown three interceptions, but you still have hope for a strong second half. Your phone rings. It's your fiancé. She wants you to pick her up at the airport. You have to leave in 15 minutes, but you need to know how the game is going to end. You think to yourself, "I need a simulation. I'll play Madden and see what happens." You don't have time for a full game of Madden so you decide to play Madden NFL Arcade instead. You win by a landslide, and your hopes for a Bears comeback soar. Unfortunately, in real life you can't turn your opponent into a block of ice or make your receivers fast as lightning. You get home from the airport and find the Bears have lost by 40."


Madden Ultimate Team DLC Now Available

EA SPORTS has today announced that Madden Ultimate Team is now available for download as a free update to Madden NFL 10 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Europe. Just throw in your Madden NFL 10 game disc (with an Internet connection) and you'll receive the latest title update.

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