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Perhaps one of the most fondly remembered non-Nintendo series on the NES, the Ninja Gaiden franchise was practically the pinnacle of action gaming on said platform. When Tecmo brought back the series in March of 2004 to the original Xbox, Ryu and company were once again vaulted to the top of action gaming. And now, Tecmo aims to do the same to the next-generation (is it current-gen yet?) with Ninja Gaiden Sigma on the PlayStation 3.

Sigma can best be described as a remastered version of Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox. With all of the content from Ninja Gaiden Black in tow and a healthy dose of new and enhanced content to encourage existing fans to plunk down $60, Ninja Gaiden Sigma is set for release late this Spring on the PS3. Tecmo stopped by our offices today to give us an in-depth look at the game, and yep, Ryu looks set to do it all over again.

From a technical aspect, Ninja Gaiden Sigma looks about as sharp as we figure games can get. Every texture in the game has been reworked for the PlayStation 3, and a number of other effects have been added to spice things up, like self-shadowing and so forth. Some creatures now shine with ooze, while others emit clouds of something as they scurry about the battlefield. Tecmo said that it has just recently managed to implement full 1080p support into the game, and at a full 60fps to boot. Yes, this is one slick-looking title.

One secret Tecmo let slip is certain to get Ninja Gaiden fans pumped for Sigma. Early on in Ninja Gaiden, Ryu's village is being attacked by the evil Doku. A beautiful CG cut-scene shows Ryu battle against Doku and lose badly. In Ninja Gaiden Sigma that CG cut-scene is gone. It's no longer necessary -- because now you get to fight that battle!

This is just an example of the many twists that awaits those who have already played Ninja Gaiden. Of course, those new to the series can still enjoy the "ultimate" Ninja Gaiden experience. Though, more than likely, they'll be too busy getting their ass handed to them to appreciate the experience. I simply can't wait to start playing Ninja Gaiden again. I can't believe I'm even typing that, but yes, once again Ninja Gaiden has me hooked once more.

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This definitely looks better than the other videos that I saw. Thats more like it! Still can be better though.