ForceWear Vest for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC

While attending the GDC convention, PSU made a private appointment to test out the new ForceWear Vest. This is their hands on review with this new product from TN Games.

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HuntingYou4319d ago

I remember reading about this a a few weeks ago, i am pretty sure it was on here. so this is propbably old and duplicate...but in case it isn't it would be cool to have. something you wear when no ones around.
ofcourse after ur baked and playing in the dark and really get into it, u might freak out and think you got shot or

ASSASSYN 36o4319d ago

Sony doesn`t support force feedback hehe.

Says you4318d ago

Probably not with in the controls but the vest that they are
going to release like this one.

sovietsoldier4318d ago

i use to have an old one of those, be nice to have one again but i dont know if it would fit?