No PS3 Bionic Commando MP Demo

Capcom has confirmed it will not be releasing a PS3 version of the Bionic Commando MP demo.

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Maticus3473d ago

No demo on the PS3, but the game will still be on it, right?

GWAVE3473d ago

Still waiting to see if this game is even going to be good. Capcom has done an excellent job this generation of playing it safe and not innovating at all.

UziSuicide3473d ago

I'm surprised people are so eager to suck up anything they dish out.

xabmol3473d ago

You not making enough money of your PS3 DLC to pay the PSN download fee?

The demo was the one chance they had for me to consider this game. BC looks like a relativity mediocre game so far. Maybe if a friend of mine gets it and lets me try it out I can see if its worth it, but there are WAY too many great games coming out for me to even look at this one twice.

Stryfeno23473d ago

Don't worry people...I will let you know how it is.

Hellsvacancy3473d ago

I couldt give a rats arse

Ninver3473d ago

lol i second that rats a$$.

360 man3473d ago

looooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ool