OXCGN XBLA Review: Uno Rush = Speed Chess

OXCGN writes:

"I don't pretend to know why Uno is so popular.

It could be the colours, the accessibility of the poker-lite play or, in the case of the original XBLA release, maybe it's just the promise of naked strangers over Xbox Live on your screen?"

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Immortal Kaim5048d ago

I saw some really dirty stuff on the original. A hairy dude bending over naked can not really be considered family friendly...

Though the occasional nude female made up for it :)

Superfragilistic5048d ago (Edited 5048d ago )

Although the occassionally drugged out or drunk American continues to be entertaining in late night sessions. And all for just 400 points!

Immortal Kaim5048d ago

LOL I guess you're right ;)

gaminoz5048d ago

Yes, I can imagine how many folks thought the original was family friendly and accidentally saw that...

XboxOZ3605048d ago

ookkkaaaayy not going there then . . . .

GrathiusXR5048d ago

i am still to witness this nudity lol and i never want to :D then again hmmm

Female nudity of course lol!

Superfragilistic5048d ago

Oh man I don't need a video... just go on late at night and there's ghetto tryhards everywhere.

darkmurder5048d ago

I think the original Uno was better

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