Game Console Patapon 2 Review

Written by Julie Gray
Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Is the PSP's latest rhythmic adventure in tune with its predecessor?

"Pata, pata, pata, pon!" Patapon 2 will have you singing this catch-phrase in no time at all, it's that infectious!

Platform: PSP

Genre: Action/Music/Platform

Classification: G

Rating: 8/10

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xabmol3564d ago

This game is like like crack. Wildly imaginative, highly addictive crack.

There is one side effect though. After playing for a while you will notice... pata pata pata pon, a slight... pon pon pata pon, voice in the... chaka chaka pata pon, back of your head. don dondon dondon doonaamii!!


1Victor3564d ago

xabmol don't forget to dokaknel your ganodias when kacchindonga is attacking or your ciokinna is cook