Neocrisis: Can OnLive Possibly Succeed?

Neocrisis: So this years GDC has come and gone and the big talk of the show this year? Well it was OnLive. For those that are unaware OnLive is a service in which you will pay to have a game streamed to you from a server farm allowing you to play games your computer could otherwise not handle.

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Oz_The_Ripper5284d ago

Honestly, im not to excited about onlive. I know how they said it won't "lag" but i bet you it will happen. I personally like owning a console more because the games i have are physically mine. If i were to buy a game off OnLive all i would have is just a virtual copy. Besides all of that the monthly fee is probably going to be alot. I wouldnt want to pay 100+ dollars a year for a service when i can just get a xbox 360 and pay for XBL for dirt cheap. This whole onlive thing just is't my thing

NOTE: This is all my opinion


The retro FPS spellcaster "Wizordum" is coming to PC via Steam EA on November 15th, 2023

"The Dallas-based (Texas, the US) video games publisher Apogee Entertainment and Šempas-based (Slovenia) indie games developer Emberheart Games, are today super happy and proud to announce that their retro FPS spellcaster "Wizordum", is coming to PC via Steam EA on November 15th, 2023." - Jonas Ek, TGG.


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About halfway through Numinous Games’ That Dragon, Cancer, the player finds themselves in a small hospital room.

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