Neocrisis: Can OnLive Possibly Succeed?

Neocrisis: So this years GDC has come and gone and the big talk of the show this year? Well it was OnLive. For those that are unaware OnLive is a service in which you will pay to have a game streamed to you from a server farm allowing you to play games your computer could otherwise not handle.

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Oz_The_Ripper3568d ago

Honestly, im not to excited about onlive. I know how they said it won't "lag" but i bet you it will happen. I personally like owning a console more because the games i have are physically mine. If i were to buy a game off OnLive all i would have is just a virtual copy. Besides all of that the monthly fee is probably going to be alot. I wouldnt want to pay 100+ dollars a year for a service when i can just get a xbox 360 and pay for XBL for dirt cheap. This whole onlive thing just is't my thing

NOTE: This is all my opinion