TGR: Daily News Roundup: Leaked Starcraft 2 Details

Blizzard may have accidentally revealed tons of new details about Starcraft 2. Meanwhile TGR muses about Onlive and Ghostbusters 3 among other hot topics.

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Viewtiful4244d ago

So pumped for Starcraft 2. I'll take any scraps of info I can get!

SlamVanderhuge4244d ago

Screw Starcraft...all bout dem GHOSTBUSTERS!

Timesplitter144244d ago

Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, can't wait, etc

tehk1w14244d ago

Starcraft 2 better be this year. :(

SirLarr4244d ago

I hope it is but knowing Blizzard it's as up in the air as it could be.

Ocelot39974244d ago

I don't think you need a frowny near that. I'm pretty confident it will be. Heck it's been announced for over two years.

redfield854244d ago

I am a fan of Starcraft, but I haven't played the first one in years. Who knows if I will get this one. I am sure I will once I see a lot more gameplay videos.

Timesplitter144244d ago

"getting Starcraft 2" is not a question.

It's a universal fact.

LeGenDx4244d ago

diablo 3 or sc2

agree for diablo
disagree for sc2

Timesplitter144244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

I want both, so I'll click "report"

(just kidding)

That's a very good question. I don't know...

mr durand pierre4244d ago

I wish Starcraft 2 was on the Wii. I hate gaming on my PC, but the original Starcraft was one of my favorite games of all time. The Wiimote would be perfect for a mouse sub, and I could put up with low-fi graphics.