G4TV: Six Days in Fallujah Impressionss

G4TV writes: "There is a bit of controversy surrounding Atomic Games' Six Days in Fallujah, but that's not what this preview is about. This is about the game itself, which was recently shown at Konami's Gamers Day event by Peter Tamte, president of Atomic Games. Tamte wants the title to tell the stories of real Marines that fought in Fallujah and create an interactive experience that allows the gamer to gain a new understanding of the war.

Their intentions are good, but does the game live up to what Tamte as his team are trying to accomplish? Not yet. On paper, the game seems like it will work: recreate real firefights based on accounts from real Marines, use maps recreated meticulously from satellite imagery and first-hand reports, program squadmates and enemies with realistic AI based on the actual tactics displayed by both sides during the battle, present a fully destructible environment that required the creation of a new game engine."

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