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Pennywise3569d ago


Smart move to get out before Prototype.

erathaol3569d ago

I just hope its not being kicked out the door to soon. I want a polished, interesting and beautiful game. Than again its Sucker Punch, they really put in a lot of hard work and love into their games. They said that this game has been over 3 years in the making. I imagine those 3 years have been well spent.

Killjoy30003569d ago

This is great news. It's rather refreshing, seeing as how most game's release dates are postponed rather then being set earlier.

Time Lord3569d ago

Hardly 'being kicked out the door too soon'

Xulap3569d ago

Oh, hell yeah, baby!!
Excellent news! This is the next game I'm going to buy.

Haven't bought anything since Killzone 2.

iHEARTboobs3569d ago

I thought it was getting delayed for a second there. Day one!

Trollimite3569d ago

if infamous and prototype launched at the same time neither of them would get the respect they deserve. its better this way

meepmoopmeep3569d ago

but i wanted Cross Edge in May


this will be tough choice

gaffyh3569d ago

@erathaol - Has that EVER happened with Sony? They never move a game up for release, unless that game is ready.

RememberThe3573569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

I can't remember the last time Sony moved a game up. This is almost weird.

F*ck it. The sooner, the better!

meepmoopmeep3569d ago

IGN: "inFAMOUS is f'n awesome!"

IGN AU: "inFAMOUS is awesome. Period. End of Statement."


Lifendz3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Great move. Own your launch day. Do not share it with a game that is multiplatform and will probably get more advertising. Once the reviews drop I may pick up InFamous. I'm waiting on reviews because A) the game is a new IP and I usually survey the field before B) dropping 65 bucks on a game that is, again, a new IP.

Bubbles for all on page one that are psyched about this news.

himdeel3569d ago

...this is totally so they get in before Batman and Prototype best news for me all day! :)

shqype3569d ago

This was very smart move.

Sucker Punch is not releasing this game too soon. They followed one of the most important rules of customer service: Under-promise, but over-deliver! They exaggerated their release date, which allowed their competitor to show their hand. Prototype attempted to c*ckblock by releasing 3 days ealier. Now inFamous has the last laugh by releasing 2 weeks before Prototype.

I'm very excited for this game and will definitely be purchasing it.

Beast_Master3569d ago

I wasn't expecting to play the game of the Year in May! awesome. If you want to wait for the reviews I have them already! Every Media outlet except Edge and Kotaku: "Game of the Year." Edge and Kotaku: "We suck balls so who cares." "Our 10 year old staff of writers could not comprehend the awesomeness of this game so we give it an 8.0, one point below FIFTY CENT: Blood Da Sand"

cayal3569d ago

"I just hope its not being kicked out the door to soon"

They wouldn't release a game if it wasn't 100% ready.

DragonWarrior_43569d ago

Wow, I was not expecting this. This is really great news. :)

rockleex3568d ago

Now is the time to stand down.

Sony has done something they've NEVER done before. Its serious business.

Sony isn't joking around anymore. We thought Sony showed all their cards, but we have no frickin' clue what they got left in store for us! O_O

pain777pas3568d ago

This is more or less an E3 move meaning that they do not have to show this game anymore and can free up space in the press conference and show that they have had 2 AAA titles already this year.

SevWolf3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Thats great its all looking gd till now, cant wait, according to psu the demo will be out on the 21st of may so thats gd

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farhsa20083569d ago

looks like prototype was just made infamous!

table3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

it sounds like you thought that up a long time ago and have been waiting for an opportunity to use it... unfortunately it doesnt quite work in this context lol.

kingme713569d ago

or maybe Infamous is just a prototype.

Ok, I admit it was just as bad :(

Flipgeneral3569d ago

nice play on words.
Sweet, May and June are going to be good months, just like February-March!

aldesko3568d ago

Or "Prototype just got Sucker Punched!" =P

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sonarus3569d ago

I hope the release date change had nothing to do with infamous. Sony have moved up release date of uncharted and ratchet and clank and they both were great games. Hope same can be said for infamous.

It shall be a day one purchase for me

adolson3569d ago

The release date is for inFAMOUS so it has at least something to do with inFAMOUS.

raztad3569d ago


hahahahah, very funny man :D. I guess you were talking about Prototype and Infamous.

This news made my day. Getting Infamous day one. I need a good open world game, and Infamous is that game. GTA4 is getting boring, playing it only for the story.

sonarus3569d ago

lol yea i meant prototype.

But seriously i can't wait to play this game. I wish there was more time between infamous and prototype cus i have to play them both. I hope prototype gets a demo soon

Why o why3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

for another game at the end of the year either way im pleased. I was getting pissed with the lack of games;)

mastiffchild3569d ago

I think you're more in the right area than those feeling they're avoiding the Prototype clash.

Releasing pre E3 frees up both release dates and possoble exposure for other games .

I really don't think sony are done rolling out titles this year-too many in house studios that have been quiet for long enough to be very near to the end of their dev cycles. there's all those "secret" games that journos have been NDs'd over. Games like Wardevil that have gone quiet despite still recruiting staff for the past two years etc, etc.

Where are the mooted 5 jrpgs in house from Sony?

With MS bound to have something huge under wraps(whatever anyone has you thinking)and Nintendo needing a big game announcement more than ever before(I still feel we'll see a Wii Zelda this year)I think the period from the start of E3 to the end of TGS with games releasing all the while too, could be the most interesting yet for gamers this gen or any other.

Why o why3569d ago

improbable but I'd like that and it would sell sh!tloads near xmas so that would be good for sony. For me it would be a great end to the year. If it is indeed true that R+C and Drakes 2 have been pushed forward then sony must have something planed.

DaTruth3569d ago

First InFanoua is pushed forward and now you're telling me Uncharted has been too. This is the best day ever! Do you have links to the pushed forward Uncharted?