RPGs Incoming for 2009

SCRAWL's writes "The release of role-playing games hasn't been as gracious to us this generation as it was during the past two generations, so far. The PS2 age was full of great and memorable titles such as Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X, Shadow Hearts, Persona 4 and Rogue Galaxy. This generation, we're on a slow track but 2009 seems to be picking that up a bit. There are quite a few mentionable RPGs incoming this year, and we're taking a look."

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Myst3567d ago

X-Edge this Sunday :D can't wait to get my hands on it! Would say the same for Demon's Souls but that game is near impossible to get still.

Didn't know 360 was getting a magna Carta...


Bring em on,PLEASE!.I need a well deserved distraction from all the FPs.As good as Enchanted Arms was,it just didn't do it for me(sarc.).
Is there any hope of seeing FF13 in NA this year? anyone?
What about WKC? i haven't heard anything for awhile.=)

ScorpianusNoir3567d ago

While I am enjoying Killzone2 and awaiting inFamous, there is a hole for RPGs that needs filling because there is something that is still missing. The hole was huge at one point but Valkyria Chronicles has filled most of it in nicely.

I will wait not so patiently for more RPGs.

ikiru33853567d ago

looking forward to Mass Effect 2 the most and then FFVersus 13 second. :-)