VGGEN: Animal Crossing: City Folk Review

VGGEN writes: "Like the thing or not, the original Animal Crossing broke new ground when it was released for the GameCube way back in 2002. For one thing, it represented a true anomaly among its peers in that it was a game with no real set goals. All you had to do was live life in an essentially peaceful virtual community populated by wobbly-headed cartoon animals. About the biggest task you had to accomplish was finding and playing telephone with the various insanely gabbling residents of the nauseatingly brightly colored village you "lived" in, the bulk of your virtual day being spent in such strenuous activities as catching fish, chasing bugs, designing clothes, digging up fossils, or shaking down trees for fruits to pay off a set of never-ending home renovations with the local loan shark/sole controller of commodities, Tom Crook."

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