Rumor: Factor 5 Wii projects don't involve Kid Icarus

Everyone is pretty much aware with the situation of Factor 5 and Kid Icarus. The company has been rumored to be developing a new title in the series for Wii for quite some time now. However, according to new speculation, the projects that Factor 5 have in development are not Kid Icarus-related.

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pixelsword3571d ago

Factor5 optimized the game engine they used for Lair and put it in the Wii, and it looks freaking sweet; I would almost dare say that the gameplay for Starfox matches better for that engine rather than Kid Icarus.

Seferoth753572d ago

I cant believe they dont think its coming because of some rumored flying FPS.. Still sounds like Kid icarus to me. only a new take on it

mastiffchild3572d ago

I thought F5 were in financial trouble, did I hear wrong? IGN rang to ask about the KI rumour a couple of months back and nobody was even answering the phones.

I dunno. Maybe I imagine these things.

hatchimatchi3572d ago

id rather see a kid icarus game instead of a starfox. To be honest though, I'm not extremely excited for either, the kid icarus concept art was horrendous. Whatever they make though i'm sure it'll be worthwhile, they have yet to make a bad game that i know of. I know lair did terrible but now that there's a patch to play with control sticks, ive been wanting to check it out.

N4g_null3571d ago

You don't have to pick up the phone to still be working on some thing. From what I've heard from them they are still working with limited pay and with out all of the things a normal developer would have like people to man the phones. This is all in an effort to stay alive. I'm sure these guys have money in the bank and really more companies needs these type of reboots so they can get back to wht gaming was.

So far they could be working on any thing since they are making a new engine.

darthv723571d ago

I like what F5 did with the star wars license. It would be nice to see an online version of rogue squadron. Be like the old days of xwing vs tie fighter.